The Rare Endangered Crab Spy Calendar for 2009

NFreak has traveled far and wide to capture some great pictures of spy crabs in the wild. He has converted these pictures of these majestic beauties into a nice calendar for everyone to print out and enjoy. Give a Crab Spy Calendar to a loved one this Holiday season so they can enjoy crab spies all year long in 2009.

Click to enlarge, or scroll down to the bottom to download the complete set


Uh-oh - This spy crab did not read the warning sign


Crab spies are often found in the outskirts of farms around other animals


Nothing is worse than an accidental loss of your intel to a wild crab spy


Crab on a tall roof, Be careful up there!


Trains are no match for a crab spy


Crab Battle!


Crab spies are free game for Gabe... Even though he doesn't have a valid permit


Crab spy meets civilian heavy, later the heavy ate the poor crab spy :(


Here is an ancient crab spy, he's at least 10 years old!


Spy crabs are masters of disguise, in the wild they will often hide in plain sight as their enemies


The leaning tower of spycrabs is a historic and dangerous to visit monument in achievementbox


Even Crabspies get into the holiday spirit - Merry Christmas!

Download the complete calendar
For every download we donate $1 to the National Spy Crab Fund.