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Title: Admin List and Community Tags
Post by: Crap on July 16, 2011, 09:02:32 AM
      Go to the admin group:               
      Or use the TF2Newbs chatroom:         
      From outside the game (or the overlay (shift+tab) browser):         
      Open the chat directly by clicking the following link:         
      Click here to join chat         
      From in game open the chat by:         
      Opening in the overlay (shift+tab) browser          
      Then click on "Enter Chat Room" or click "Join Group" and then join chat from the group on your friends list         
      ----Full Admin List----         
   Octo is head admin for the community as a whole and has final say on pretty much    
   The full list of admins can now be found here:

   This list is generated directly from our admin database and is always the most current and up to date list.

      ----Community Tags----         
      |N| - Senior Server Admin (octo, jib, koans)         
      Serious issues will be escalated from {N} server admins to the senior admins as necessary, but if you can't find a {N} admin try one of the senior admins.         

      Forum Tag:          
      {N} - Global Server Admin, Server Admin, Junior Server Admin         
      These admins have special admin abilities on one or more servers, if they don't have the ability on that particular server they would know who does, so contact them if there is any trouble.         

      Global Admin Forum Tag:          
      Admin Forum Tag:          
      Junior Admin Forum Tag:          
      [N] - Newbs Server Community Clan Member         
      These people tend to have admins on their friend list, so they may be able to reach an admin even if there is not one on the server         

      Forum Tag:          

Title: Re: Community Tags and Admin List
Post by: Crap on July 16, 2011, 10:20:09 AM
This thread will stay locked as a read only info thread.

Direct any questions, comments, complaints etc. to this thread:
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