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Author Topic: TF2 Highlander Competitive Recruitment  (Read 2569 times)
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« on: March 05, 2016, 02:56:13 PM »

308th Havoc Battalion
Greetings, Ladies and Mentlegen! 308th Havoc Battalion is looking for competitive players or players looking to START competitive gameplay! We will do 9v9 Highlander everywhere. We will start with UGC League.

► Our team is divided into Divisions or Teams. Each division has nine players who main a class they choose (this is 9v9 Highlander). If you are a multi-main then I'll consider that a BIIIG PLUS! We don't discriminate against younger players but we accept players 13 or older. If you consider yourself competent enough to avoid rage quitting, mic spamming, typing like you never touched an English grammar book and talking trash about your own comrades then I'll definitely consider you to join our team. We will accept you according to your skill and personality. By personality I mean who you are as a gamer. You can take examples of who we don't take from what I mentioned above.

► Our practice schedules are very flexible. We have players from different time zones which can prove to be a challenge to coordinate practices but, we'll get through it. It doesn't matter if you're far from North America you can apply.

► Some of us in Havoc Battalion are native Spanish speaker such as me. This means if you don't comprehend English completely, then we will be flexible with you and help you understand our competitive language, announcements, etc.

►►► If you are interested in joining then please contact me via Steam or post right here. What should you post? What should you tell me?:

• Main classes
• Age
• Total playtime (optional)
• Past experience in competitive gameplay (optional)

I will personally verify who you are as a gamer and your skill in our practices. We can train to better your skill but your personality... you can only train yourself.
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Zoom Zoom

« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2016, 09:26:12 AM »

hola amigos
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2 in the bush... is worth ..
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