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Author Topic: L4D Newbs Search Keys  (Read 1858 times)
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« on: April 14, 2009, 02:28:56 PM »

The following servers are tied to the L4D Newbs steam group. They should all support Campaign and Versus modes.

To use them from a lobby, you must enable the developer console and enter "sv_search_key <key>" where "<key>" is the search key for the server. This will only work for the lobby leader.

Newbs Normal Server (
Search Key: Newbs
Normal, stock, nothing messed with server. Has some basic SourceMod stuff installed, and tracks stats.

Newbs Evil Server (
Search Key: NewbsEvil
Tweaks a number of things. Mainly, more zombies more often. Read the MOTD for more information.

Newbs Insane Server (
Search Key: NewbsInsane
Newbs Evil Server on steroids. Including tougher zombies. MOTD is silent on the issue, mainly because I haven't sat down to document everything I did. Infinite ammo not available.

All three servers report to my sourcebans system (not available to the public at this time) and to my HLStatsX CE install.

Contact me here or on Steam (Friend me) if you have issues.
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