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Author Topic: Server/Community Rules  (Read 80575 times)
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« on: July 16, 2011, 09:17:13 AM »


The Newbs Servers are intended to be "Newbie" friendly, but that does not mean all of our players are noobs. Skill and knowledge ranges from "just bought and installed the game 15 minutes ago" to "I've been playing so long my medal date is older than most TF2 devs". Many of our players have been playing for so long that they can hardly be called new, but they are still expected to at least treat new players with respect and maybe try to help them out here and there.

As the community continues to grow, and our player base ages, and new players come along, it's important that we refresh everyone's memory from time to time on what we are about, and what we strive not to be about  Smiley So this is a list of rules and some examples of the more common "douchebag" behaviors that we don't want to have going on.  

The main idea behind all of these rules is that you shouldn't do anything disruptive on the servers.

Table of Contents/TL;DR version
1. No cheats, hacks or exploits
2. No discriminatory language  (racism, slurs, etc.)
3. Do not be abusive to other players
4. No griefing or trolling
5. Don't sticky enemy spawn doors which can't be seen through.
6. Do not spam voicechat.
7. Do not argue with admins.
8. No dodging autobalance or team scrambles.
9. No advertising/No Scamming/No Auctions, raffles, lottos, gambling etc. not approved by admins.
10. Do not impersonate admins
11. Do not engage in any other excessively disruptive behavior.
Server Specific Rules - Jump Servers


"I didn't know" is not an acceptable excuse for breaking the rules.
The majority of our rules are common sense and common courtesy and shouldn't need to be specifically pointed out to you.
Despite this the rules are still posted on the MOTD screen of every server when you join and available using the "!rules" shortcut which is advertised in game every few minutes, in addition to being posted here and other places, so saying "I didn't know" = "I chose not to bother reading them" which is not our fault or problem. Welcome to being held responsible for your own actions.

If you don't like the rules or can't abide by them, please play elsewhere.

The rules are not flexible or open to debate, arguing with admins will get you banned.

Examples listed for some of the items are just examples and not a comprehensive list of all possible wrong-doing. In general if you objective is to ruin the gaming experience for someone else, generally be disruptive, or if you are too stupid or ill mannered to realize you are being a jerk, you'll end up banned and no amount of "the rules didn't specifically say no blah blah" will ever get you unbanned.

1. No cheats, hacks or exploits
Self explanatory. Cheaters, hackers, people exploiting map bugs or update bugs to win etc. will be banned, no warnings.

      * Textures/mats which change sniper scope visibility.
      * Obvious cheats like aimbots, crithax, wall hacks, etc.
      * Map exploits like skywalking or holes allowing firing down into spawn rooms, etc.

2. No discriminatory language (racism, slurs, etc.)
This means no insults, comments, jokes, snide remarks etc. relating to race, nationality, gender or sexual orientation. Racism and other slurs will get you banned. If you are unsure if it's acceptable, it's probably not.
This rule doesn't have any sort of "insider club" exclusion, just because you're a Mexican doesn't mean you can use derogatory slang about Mexicans, the same goes for any other race/religion/sexual orientation. Intent, spelling, context, etc. DO NOT MATTER. We do not allow the use of any slurs on our servers under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

We do not prohibit profanity in general and we are not trying to make this a community with servers that you could play on from church, but keep anything related to race, nationality, gender or sexual orientation off the servers.

3. Do not be abusive to other players
This includes both players on your team and the other team and abuse over both VC (voice chat) and text chat.
These are newbie friendly servers, do not expect everyone to be the best player in the world, do not be an ass when they aren't.

* Team bashing
If your entire team sucks try to fix the problem. Insulting your team mates and telling them they are crappy, can't aim, are homosexual, or that their mother is promiscuous will not help anything, it will however result in you being silenced, kicked or banned.

* Game Play Style Whine & Unwanted Commentary
We don't give two shits if someone is wall sniping, body shotting, sniping with a medic, turtling with 6 engineers, spamming stickies, sticky camping, spamming rockets, etc.
Nearly everyone from time to time will complain about something the other team is doing, this is normal, but excessive bitching all day about the same stuff ("Cheap ass pyro/demo/soldier/heavy/whatever", "Learn to *****", "Noob "*****", etc.) will earn a silence/kick/ban. If an admin tells you to stop or shutup, do so, regardless of whether you think your behavior was excessive or not or you will be banned.

*Giving Unasked for and Unwanted Commentary and "Advice"
This goes along with the above. Just because you don't like the way someone killed or failed to kill you,

* Taking It As Good As You Give It
If you spend all day with two medics camping the other teams spawn laughing about it and saying "gg" when your team wins, and then act like the biggest crybaby pansy when the other team finally wins a round you're a complete douchebag. So everyone that can't handle winning with grace and losing with dignity should go join a different server.

* Excessive Trash Talk
Please try to keep trash talk between friends. You don't need to throw a party or tease the victim/other team everytime you get a kill or capture the flag. Think of TF2 more like basketball than soccer, mass hysteria shouldn't break out everytime you do something. If you think you're just joking with someone and they stop responding or have a change in tone, maybe you should stop ribbing them. Also, if you have a stupid 'say' macro that you press whenever you kill or dominate someone, that's pointless spam and lame, please don't use them on our servers.

* Vocal Rage Quitting
Please rage quit in silence, or leave with a "gg" or "laters". Leaving with "you all fucking suck I'm going to go play somewhere else" is one of the better ways of catching a perm ban. Being a poor sport makes you look like a whiny idiot, and makes newer players think we tolerate idiots.  We don't.

* Screaming "cheat" constantly.
If you think someone really is cheating, contact an admin, if you are told they are not, shut up. We don't keep cheaters around and in the rare cases where someone really is cheating screaming "oo now the admin will get you! HAH!" in chat just tends to tip them off that someone who can do something is now watching.

In general, if you find yourself getting angry over the game, losing control of your mouth or typing fingers and frothing at the mouth, take a break, wait for your patience to rebuild, your IQ to return to normal and the burning homicidlde rage to fade. Just stop playing for a bit until you calm down.

4. No griefing/trolling.
Griefing means taking ANY action in game which is specifically intended to irritate or cause other players grief. Trolling is closely related to griefing and refers to activities intended to frustrate or provoke an emotional (usually angry) response from others.

      * Teleporters that lead nowhere, away from objectives or trap players
      * Working with enemy spies
      * Flamethrower in front of friendly snipers etc.
      * Griefing sprays - Goatse, gross out/excessively graphic porn, etc.
      * Verbal trolling, insulting, playing stupid, excessive use of upsetting or provocative words/phrases, etc.
      * Any other act aimed at intentionally irritating or angering other players

5. Don't sticky enemy spawn doors which can't be seen through.
This applies to doors which meet ALL of the following conditions:

       * Spawn doors.
          Must be directly connected to the spawn room.
          Not just near a spawn room, but directly lead into spawn.
       * Garage/Shutter type doors which cannot be seen through and are closed until triggered.
          Does not apply to gates or glass doors which can be seen through.
          Does not apply to doors which stay open permanently after being activated.

       * Specific Examples
          BAD to sticky:
          All 3 red spawn doors and 2nd blue spawn on badwater.
          Top 2 spawn doors for both teams on 2fort (battlement spawn door and hay room door)
          OKAY to sticky:
          Red shortcut door from spawn which is open until 2nd point is captured on badwater.
          Basement (close to intel) resupply room on 2fort.

Purposeful placement of stickies on, directly in front of or near the spawn doors with the intention of killing people with them as they leave the spawn will result in an almost certain banning. Incidental and accidental stickies will generally be ignored. If someone is being a douche and repeatedly places stickies on the door while no admin is on, please go spec and in console record a demo of them doing it (See Reporting Problems).

6. Do not spam voicechat.
This includes excessively long or disruptive sounds/music/screaming into the mic etc.

7. Do not argue with admins.
If you have a problem with an admin decision, talk to them (calmly! and without making accusations) via steamchat, talk to head admin Octo or send email to [email protected]. (If you have a problem with Octo, well, good luck with that  Grin)

* Absolutely no arguing or backtalking to Admins is allowed in the game chat.
* Do NOT question admin decisions or argue in-game or you will be muted/gagged/banned.
* Do NOT post public messages on the forums about "admin abuse" etc., if you have a relevant question about a ban, feel free to post, but starting a ban / kick dispute with a negative attitude will not help your cause.

If you have a problem with one of the admins then talk to Octo about it.  If you have a problem with Octo, its probably best to play on a different community. If you insist on disrupting the game arguing, you will probably be silenced, kicked or banned until you go through the proper channels to discuss the problem.

From Octo on this subject:
If you are on a server, and there was a disturbance, and an admin DID do something about it.  Be it a kick, a ban, a gag/mute/silence - mind your own business.  If you don't agree with a decision that was made, calmly and politely discuss it with the admin in question OVER STEAM CHAT. Don't bother doing it in game.  If you don't know which admin, contact Octo and say which server it was, and the time of day and I'll look into it.

It is NEVER appropriate to talk back to the admin in the game if you don't like what he/she did.
There are no exceptions to this rule.  

When you talk back to an admin in game you very likely could end up encouraging other players to think that we allow back talk on the servers, and they will whine and complain when I ban them for back talking  Smiley I will very likely ban people that are backtalking admins. We are humans, we make mistakes, we have a tough job, we don't need people giving us shit for trying to keep order.

When you do come to me, please don't demand things and tell me what to do  Smiley  Also please don't use phrases like 'admin abuse' in regards to any sort of sanctioning that occurs on the server. If you really think we have admins that abuse the players, than you obviously don't appreciate the time and energy that we put in on these servers, and you should probably go find a different place to play.  To the best of my knowledge there have only been four incidents this entire year which I'd consider an admin misusing their power, but even then the admins in question were never trying to abuse the players directly (Well, in one situation it was being used to try to scare a hacker off the server). In each of those situations the problem was brought to my attention, I talked to the admin, I reprimanded them, and adjusted their access to the servers based on how bad the misuse was. This is how we do things.

Regarding "Admin Abuse": If an admin turns on god mode, or noclip that's admin abuse. If you're being a shithead and an admin kicks you or silences you, its not. If you think the admins here are abusive, leave and play somewhere else - I'm sure you'll learn what real abusive admins are like. We don't sell admin - anyone with admin was appointed admin - if they are found to have actually used their admin abilities to 'cheat' then they are reprimanded.  If you don't like something an admin does or says, talk to octo on steam chat. If you talk about it in game and are a disruption, you'll probably catch the boot too.

8. No dodging autobalance or team scrambles.
No excessive complaints about "team stacking".
Servers have autobalance, team scrambles and team switching restrictions for a reason. Trying to get around any of these systems will get you banned. Excessive complaining about stacking (especially on a server that scrambles every 3 wins) will also likely get you in trouble.
* If autobalance kicks in or teams are scrambled, play on the team you are switched to at least until the teams are balance/a spot opens up. It's generally considered poor sportsmanship to switch teams immediately after a scramble. These systems are in place to resolve problems, intentionally working against the systems is unhelpful and may result in admin action if excessive.
* Do not use spectate or retry commands to unbalance teams so that you can switch, doing so will result in a ban.
* Do not complain about stacking! The teams scramble automatically on most servers any time a team wins 3 rounds in a row. Suck it up for 3 rounds, if the roll is as bad as you think, it won't take long anyway!
* If you just "want to talk to your friends", use steam chat, teamspeak, skype or some other method. Steam chat is available to every user in the game and supports voice chat for more people than can fit in game server.
* If teamstacking is excessive, to the degree that it is emptying out a server, admins may issue warnings or take other action if warnings are ignored, including issuing bans. As with all of the rules, the admin's word is final on the server.
* Abusers WILL be banned.

9. No advertising/No Scamming/No Auctions, raffles, lottos, gambling etc. not approved by/run admins.
We don't advertise our servers elsewhere, don't advertise others here.

We don't want anything you are selling, we're not interested in your website/steam group/magazine/clan etc.

Trade chat is allowed, however do not be excessive.
Repeatedly spamming the same spam trading keybinds over and over will likely get you silenced.
If asked to stop, stop, whether you feel it was excessive or not.

We also do not allow random people to come into our servers and hold auctions or raffles or lottos or anything of the sort. If a regular wants to do something similar, in a manner that allows for third party verification of the results (no "name in a hat" nonsense), then talk to the admins about maybe setting something up. Otherwise only officially sponsored events run or endorsed by admins are allowed.

Do not participate in raffle/lotto/spycrabbing or other gambling or events by random strangers on the servers. Most are scams and it is beyond our ability and not our responsibility to recover any items you lose or deal with any fallout.

10. Do not impersonate admins
If you impersonate or otherwise misrepresent yourself as an admin of our servers, you will be banned without warning and without hestitation, regardless of the reason for the impersonation (including attempting to resolve any problems on the server).
If there is an issue on the server that requires an admin's attention, contact an admin via steam, the forums or the steamchat. Never pretend to be an admin for any reason, doing so is never helpful.

11. Do not engage in any other excessively disruptive behavior.
In addition to the above, play as a team, and don't act like a douche.
Any other behavior which is disruptive or causes problems will be dealt with by admins.
Problem players will be removed from servers.
Disruptive and problematic behavior of any sort will be dealt with.
The servers are here for everyone to have fun.
Play nice and enjoy the game, otherwise, go elsewhere.

If an admin tells you to stop doing something, stop.
Do not argue, do not quote rules or other admins, simply stop.

      * Pretending to be an admin for any reason will get you banned. Don't do it.
      * Civilian heavy or any other class.
      * Otherwise staying in spawn or being intentionally useless to your team.
      * Excessive uberwanking/chaining ubers
      * Holding open spawn doors
      * Telling someone to press F10, jokingly or not. This will earn you a ban.
      * Gaming or otherwise taking advantage of the stats system
      * Asking for or daring an admin to ban you.
      * Talking about how shitty the server/community/players are.
      * Explaining how to perform bannable exploits.

There are definitely times and places for goofing around, but the middle of a game where everyone else is trying to play seriously is neither.

Server Specific Rules - Jump Servers

No killing on the jump servers
Do to excessive griefing we do not allow killing on the jump servers.
Even just goofing off with friends or retaliating against other people who are being douchebags sometimes ends up with uninvolved people getting accidentally killed, or makes other people decide to start killing too and it just becomes a headache so we don't allow killing on the jump servers at all and have a plugin that autobans after excessive killing because of too many problems with people griefing.

Doesn't matter if its just with friends, and there is no need to retaliate if someone else is being a griefing dick since they'll just end up autobanned anyway.

The server announces that it bans for killing each time someone kills, so there's no excuse that you "didn't know":

In summary, if you feel the need to kill people, we have 20 something other servers just for killing people, so in the future please move to one of those for killing/goofing off other than jumping, or you'll end up autobanned.

Note on rules, admins and enforcement of rules.

Each server has a slightly different group of people that frequent it, and the rules and the way they are enforced can vary a little from server to server and from admin to admin but in general if what you're doing is disrupting game play or being done to make others mad - it will catch a ban.

Admins are still free to exercise their power with the "you are being a douchebag" reason at their own discretion. Just because one admin allowed or didn't catch something that is against the rules, doesn't mean you get a free pass to be a problem. At the end of the day the people that sponsor servers or have been entrusted with kick/ban ability are responsible for keeping the game flow fun. If someones breaking that then the admins will step in and fix things.

From our glorious leader:
Our goal is to have a fun environment to play tf2 in.  If you are causing trouble I (octo) will remove you from the server.  It doesn't really matter to me if your friends on, if you promise not to do it again, or if you thought it was okay because its just a game on the internet - There are over 1000 other servers for you to play on, don't feel like you need to be here if you don't want to be a positive person.

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« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2011, 10:22:19 AM »

This thread will stay locked as a read only info thread.

Direct any questions, comments, complaints etc. to this thread:
Newbs Community Info Questions & Comments Thread,6146.0.html
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« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2011, 10:30:28 AM »

Reference (Older announcements, discussions, etc.):

* Team Bashing / Stacking / Excessive Trash Talk / Other Anti-Newbs Behavior,3278.0.html

* So called 'Admin Abuse' - Policies involving admins and players,3186.0.html

* Server Admins - Tags and stuff,1778.0.html

* What (not) to do to keep the Admins happy.,274.0.html

*Exploits = Ban.,453.0.html

*RULE: 2Fort - Demoman Stickies On Spawn - This will result in a ban,270.0.html

*Server #3 (Badwater) rules change - Stickies are allowed on the spawn gates,1647.0.html

*Chargin' Targe turn scripts will result in a ban,6194.0.html

*Rule Reminder - Racism will not be tolerated on the server, or the forums,2216.0.html

READ THIS! Autobalance - This is no longer turned on,314.0.html

Its been awhile - lets talk about Our Perm Bans (complaints earlier),9495.0.html
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semper in excretia sumus solim profundum variat

« Reply #3 on: January 05, 2014, 05:05:03 AM »

Updated with a table of contents/condensed version which will also allow linking specific rules to people
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semper in excretia sumus solim profundum variat

« Reply #4 on: March 08, 2014, 07:14:57 AM »

Slightly updated the trolling griefing item to more explicitly include trolling/verbal trolling.,6889.0.html#4
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