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Author Topic: Becoming an Admin  (Read 3982 times)
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« on: July 16, 2011, 09:25:17 AM »

So you're interested in becoming an admin, but have no idea what is required/how to go about it.

There's no absolutely set in stone requirements (other than "Octo has to say yes") but here's some basic guidelines.

* Let an existing admin know that you are interested in an admin position.
They will either post about it to the other admins or pass the info up to Octo. We do occasionally spontaneously pick people who have been noticed for contributing positively to the community and such, but letting someone know you are interested/open to the possibility doesn't hurt (this does not guarantee anything, just means we are aware you would be willing to be an admin).

* Behave well, don't cause problems/break rules etc.
If your chat logs are full of "OMG YOU FUCKING SUCK! NOOB! FAG ASSBLARHJIRJ$"%" or you've been warned, slayed, kicked, banned for repeatedly stickying spawn etc., you're probably not a viable candidate  Wink

* Help start empty servers.
Joining an empty server and inviting others to come play to get the server going. Not ROFLstomping all over people, joining the server when it's at low player numbers, etc. are great ways to make a good impression. We do notice these things, server starters are even logged, and this has been a major contributing factor to a lot of our current admins being invited to become an admin.

* Help resolve problems on servers
Explain things to newbies, explaining rules (CALMLY) to people new to the community, calling in an admin when needed, etc. (NOT arguing/getting confrontational with people or exacerbating situations).

* Be active
Show an interest and actively participate in the wider community.

You should play at least semi-regularly and be around/reachable for reasonable amounts of time. If you only play once every 6 months for 30 minutes, you being an admin doesn't really help the community much Wink

Promote the community (to players on our servers, not by spamming other players/places), the servers and the forums (We like seeing new faces in the servers and on the forums, more so if they become involved). Being active on the forums/chat/wider community is a major bonus when being considered for admin.

Being well known, especially among admins (in a positive way, if mention of your name tends to provoke comments like "oh god, that asshole", you might not be admin material) helps a great deal, since people are more likely to speak up and say positive things in favor of someone they know and like, rather than someone they have had problems with or are just indifferent too.

We actually get a lot of comments from individual admins on servers which admin candidates frequent like "I've never had any problems with the person" when vetting new admins, but as you can imagine this doesn't carry nearly as much weight as something like "I know them, they are fun to play with and always really polite and well-behaved" or having more people speak positively of you because more people know of you from the forums or chat rather than just the smaller number that happens to play on whichever server you frequent at whatever times you play.

It's not solely a popularity contest, but having more admins feel positive about you and being better known gives us a better idea of who you are and how you behave and getting along well with existing admins tends to be a good sign you will work well within the currently established system and admin groups.

Some other things to take note of:
* The particular server you are a reg on should be in need of admins.
Some servers are already fairly well covered, some could use more admins at certain times, etc. If there's generally an admin on the server during the times you normally play, there probably isn't much need for another admin at those times on that server.

* We do not "sell" admin
Donating money is always appreciated and has its perks, but donating money in no way, shape or form means you will get admin access. We have people who are both admins and donators but you do not have to be a donator to be an admin and donating does not guarantee an admin position.

* No shared accounts
If you share an account with someone, or other people often have access to your account, you're generally not suitable for admin because those other people end up with admin access just by using your account.

* Being an admin is not all fun and games
Admins put up with a lot of bullshit. You get treated differently by players (both more positively and negatively depending on the player/situation) and oftentimes you have to stop enjoying the game you are playing to correct a situation, spec a possible cheater, go to another server for a problem, etc., even if you are in the middle of that 50 kill streak and 2 points away from breaking your personal record or having the best game you have had in months or whatever.

Admins on Newbs are not allowed to abuse their admin privileges for their own amusement. Being an admin is a duty and people should only do it because they want to help better the community and the servers they admin on, not for any selfish or otherwise inappropriate reasons.

So what happens after that?
Once someone informs an admin that they are interested in becoming an admin, the informed admin posts the person's name in a thread in the super secret admin forums.

Other admins then chime in and express positive or negative opinions on the person (or often indifference/ignorance of the person).

If there's enough positive and not much negative and a need for admins on a server the person frequents, and Octo approves, then someone will contact them and they get limited access admin on a probationary basis.

If they do well and cause no problems, while being helpful and positive, then after some time (often a few months) they get bumped up to regular admin and get more access.

The above process can take quite awhile depending on the demand for admins and the overall reactions towards the person being vetted. A lot of positive reactions tends to result in admin being granted faster whereas a lot of negative reactions can kill the idea altogether and indifference or not much reaction at all can stall the whole process for ages, with the person left in a sort of perpetual "maybe" state until they step up or become better known.

We don't often completely discount someone, but we do have a lot of, "not now, maybe in the future" type of decisions. We don't generally inform people of decisions, you pretty much only ever get contacted about the the stuff if we at some point decide to give you admin.

Occasionally we have a pressing need for admins somewhere, or someone will recommend someone who has not expressed an interest themselves, or we have some other method of selecting admins in place temporarily, but in general we go by the above system.
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« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2011, 10:22:48 AM »

This thread will stay locked as a read only info thread.

Direct any questions, comments, complaints etc. to this thread:
Newbs Community Info Questions & Comments Thread,6146.0.html
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