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Author Topic: Using Reserved Slots  (Read 5509 times)
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« on: March 07, 2012, 10:37:44 AM »

Reserve slots on Newbs must be used via the console "connect" command.

Our reserved slots are setup so that they do not kick other players to allow the reserve slot holder in, but rather so that a certain number of hidden slots (usually 2-4 per server) are maintained to allow a reserve slot holder to join, even if the server is "full" at 24 players by joining in a normally hidden 25th player slot.

To use the console "connect" command, the first step is obviously enabling the developer console in tf2 (and optionally rebinding it to another key, by default it is "~" on U.S. keyboards).

Enabling the Developer Console in TF2

The console starts disabled by default.

To enable it, load the game and click "Options" > "Keyboard" > "Advanced".

There will be a pop-up that will include two options, one of them labeled "Enable Developer Console". Check the box next to "Enable Developer Console".

Once enabled, it can be opened and closed by pressing the button above Tab ⇆, known as the "tilde." ~

The key which activates the console can be remapped under the normal key mapping settings in the TF2 Options.

Connecting Using a Reserved Slot

Open the game and open the developer console (depending on your settings/keybindings, this may require you joining another server or starting a local server first, see below for a command line option to have the console open automatically on startup).

In the developer console type in the following:
connect {serverIP}

This will connect you to the server and place you in the reserved slot even if the server is "full", if you hold a reserve on that server.

Remembering the IP addresses for newbs servers is easy since they all have "" shortcuts.

Having the Developer Console Open Automatically when the Game Starts

You can add the "-console" start up option to have the developer console open automatically when you start TF2. This can save a lot of time if you frequently connect using a reserve slot.

1. Go to your games library in steam.
2. Right click on Team Fortress 2.
3. Select "Properties".
4. on the "General" tab click "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS...".
5. In the text area of the window that opens type "-console" (without the quotes).

Next time you open TF2 the console should open automatically.

Binding the Connect Command to a Key
Credit: Andy

If you frequently visit a server you have a reserve on, you can also bind the connect command to a key.

Open the console and type:
bind <key> "<command>"
bind F5 "connect"

That's great, now how do I get a reserve slot...

The easiest and must surefire way is to donate.
See for the costs and other information.

Otherwise you can provide some other sort of service to the community (making something which attracts new members, providing services, etc.).

Reserve slots are also offered up as prizes for various contests and events from time to time.
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« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2012, 10:47:23 AM »

This thread will stay locked as a read only info thread.

Direct any questions, comments, complaints etc. to this thread:
Newbs Community Info Questions & Comments Thread,6146.0.html
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