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And now for something different – 10 Maintenance project – Win L4D2 AND Borderlands

Posted on: October 15th, 2009 by octo dhd

Time for #10 specific contests, no mapping experience required!

Three contests, all judged by myself and only myself.

First, find a map that is not already installed on #10 that you think SHOULD be installed on #10 and put into the rotation. Best map (as chosen by me with a multitude of criteria) wins! You don’t have to have made the map.

Second, find a song (from OCRemix) that is not already on #10 that would rock on #10. Best song (as chosen by me) wins! You don’t have to have made the remix.

Third, provide me with a screenshot from #10 that makes me laugh the hardest. You DO have to have made the screenshot (or rather, have had your game make the screenshot), and old screenshots don’t count.

The prize? Grand Prize (and there is nothing but the grand prize) winner for each contest gets a copy of L4D2 AND a copy of Borderlands. Yes, PREORDERS FOR BOTH GAMES.

You have until sometime on the 23rd when I decide to finalize my judging, owing to the fact that borderlands is available a few days later.

To consolidate information:
Screenshots must be taken from the point the contest started.
Entries should be posted here or PMed to me. OCRemix ID numbers may be used, or album number with track number. Maps should be by name, or with a link to download. If I can’t find the map, I may request a link to download before considering the entry valid.
Maps already on the server include cyberpunk, harbl_hotel, dm_biosphere, ctf_convoy, ctf_aerospace, ctf_blackhole. Probably a couple others that are never switched to due to not really fitting the server.
Songs already on the server are OCRemix IDs 15, 1286, 1400, 1661, 881, 1367, and 1507.
You can enter 1 map, 2 songs, 5 screenshots.

Entries to date:

Contest 1: Map

Contest 2: Song
OCRemix ID 1893
OCRemix ID 1760

Contest 3: Screenshots

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