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Terraria 1.3 Update is Here!

Posted on: June 30th, 2015 by Obey

Since Terraria is another game that Newbs members play–another half-silly, half-serious, casual-yet-deep war simulator–I’ve been posting Terraria updates in this blog as well as TF2 and Valve news.  Huzzah: Terraria’s first update in more than a year!

Below are MILD SPOILERS of what can be expected of this patch. Full patch notes will not be posted here; go to the Official Terraria Wiki for detailed patch notes.

Terraria gif

New Features to Be Found in Terraria 1.3:

  1. You can now create a world in “Expert Mode“, which does the following:
    • Tougher, smarter monsters with improved AI. Some monsters scale in difficulty as you complete events.
    • Enemies and pots drop more loot.
    • Boss health scales in multiplayer based on number of players.
    • Does NOT create the world in Hardmode.
  2. Lunar Events” are Hardmode, post-Plantera events that proceed after killing Cultists (see above) that spawn at the Dungeon entrance after Golem has been killed. These events will change several surface biomes to a temporary event version.
  3. Martian Madness” is a Hardmode, post-Golem event that creates waves of Martian enemies and a unique boss. Just look for the probes on the surface world….
  4. Changed the spawn order for NPCs. Some cosmetic-oriented NPCs (like the Painter) only show up after you have a minimum number of other NPCs housed.
  5. Chlorophyte can now revert the spread of corruption/crimson back to standard terrain, and turns dirt blocks into mud blocks.
  6. Solid blocks and trees now show damage after beginning to mine/destroy them.
  7. Over 800 new items to discover, including yo-yos, bouncy dynamite, and beach balls. Plenty of new stuff can be found by fishing in the Underground Hallow and the Underground Corruption/Crimson.

I’m not sure this is the full “Lunar Update” they promised over a year ago, nor do I think that this will be the final Terraria patch. I mean, you can’t go up into space and land on the moon, yet….

But apparently “Terraria: Otherworld” will soon be a thing! Think of a Terraria game where you enter a corrupted, ruined world and attempt to revert it back to a less corrupted state.

TO Screenshot

[N] Obey

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