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#04 vs. #08 Happens This Saturday!

Posted on: July 13th, 2014 by Obey


  1. Two hand-picked teams of regulars are preparing to duke it out in 12-on-12 action, and you can watch the stream live here on July 19th at 9pm EST/6pm PST!  There will be prizes for players and spectators alike!
  2. In the “Newbs 24/7 2Fort” Chatroom (aka the usual TF2Newbs chat), there is now an idle account named “tf2newbs_adminchat”.
    • From within the Newbs Chatroom, you can report a player and the idle account with automatically forward this report to the hidden admin chatroom for quick response.
    • Type !report followed by the player’s name, the player’s Steam ID (very important), which server, and the issue at hand.
    • Syntax example:  !report 0:00ID00156  PlayerName  server 5 micspamming slurs
    • Where do you get the Steam ID from?  While the player to be reported in the server is still present, open the console and type the command “status”. You can then highlight the line containing the string of numbers (the ID) alongside the name of the player to be reported.  Copy-and-paste to the chat; it’s just that easy!
    • Your communication and initiative keeps the Newbs servers a fun place to play, and your help is veeerrryy appreciated!
  3. Head admin and eight-tentacled one |N| octo-dhd says: “Donation Fund Drive completed! We made it! 100% Thanks everyone!”
  4. Because we hit our donation goal before the deadline, Octo says he will enable Newbs Points on all servers, with active donators receiving unlimited points!  Features to be announced (and won’t be game-breaking), but could include server entering/leaving announcements, character glows, and more!  I’ll post to the blog when this goes live.
    • Speaking of Newbs Points: What in-game effects do you want to spend your Newbs Points on?  Post in this thread and tell us!
  5. This TF2Newbs Blog had over 5,500 hits last month!  Hooray!

See you all Saturday!


[N] Obey

“Server Wars” Charity Event: #4 vs #8

Posted on: June 20th, 2014 by Obey

Want to watch some Newbs Dustbowl regulars slug it out with some Newbs 2Fort regulars in a battle for server supremacy and to raise money for a good cause?  OF COURSE YOU DO!

Two hand-picked teams of twelve are preparing to duke it out, and you can watch the stream live here on July 19th at 9pm EST/6pm PST! Two rounds of both 2Fort and Dustbowl will be fought, and the side that caps soonest will win that match.


Child’s Play seeks to improve the lives of children in hospitals through the kindness of the video game industry!  D’awwwww. You can donate through PayPal.

Oh, and there will be prizes for spectators…!



[N] Obey

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