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Tara is a girl, and she wants to give you free stuff so listen up.

Posted on: May 4th, 2009 by octo dhd

You like girls right?  Wanna know whats better than a girl?  A girl giving you free stuff!  -


For immediate Release

Tara Wants You To Win cool stuff!

The Newbs T-shirts have been widely coveted by all the Newbs.


So… your chance to win one has started today with Tara’s Payload Pimps’ First Official Contest.

Play on #7 (Payload Rotation) and for each 60 minutes of play, you earn one e-ticket into the drawing.

Three winners will each receive:
Custom T-shirt
Custom Mousepad
Reserve Slot on #7

Newly added: Mini-contests.

Chances for you to win more tickets doing specific things.

The first mini-contest is for designing a new MOTD (that’s the screen you get when you join a server). Due date is Thursday for this one.

Details here:
Contest Details are Great!!! Win Stuffs playing Payload Maps

As always, the most important things are to play nice and have fun!  Oh yeah, and join TPP here: Taras Payload Pimps Steam Group (tf2newbs)

Oh no! Team Fortress 2 Servers 1, 2, 2.5 and 3 are gone :( Oh wait, they are back up they just moved

Posted on: February 15th, 2009 by octo dhd

On Monday morning the Newbs community suffered a great loss.  Servers that were important to the community were removed (they were originally scheduled for removal in late September 2008).  These servers were:

  • #1 (24/7 Dustbowl)
  • #2 (Jump Maps)
  • #2.5 (Jump Maps)
  • #3 (24/7 Badwater)

The other thing that went away was our old hosting for the website/database :(  It was a very sad day in Octoland…

The website and the forums were down for a day or two, but they were the easiest things to move since I had prepared for this day (poorly, but thats besides the point).  We only ended up losing about 1.5 days worth of forums posts and a few bans. 

The game servers on the other hand are a lot trickier to handle without the involvement of a lot more money. Luckily these machines had only lost their internet home, and a new internet home was found for them.   And there was much rejoicing in the land!  But then oh no..  Hardware failure struck down the machine that runs the Jump servers and the Badwater server.  I spent Saturday evening working on getting this machine back onto the internet so that the games could resume.  So around midmight PST all 4 of the machines that went bye-bye were back. 

  •  #1   24/7 Dustbowl
  • #2   Jump Maps  
  • #2.5 Jump Maps  
  • #3   24/7 Bad Water

Originally I was planning on _NOT_ bringing #3 (24/7 Badwater) back since I did not want to hurt the efforts to establish the Payload Rotation server.  After some short negotiations I was assured that there are PLENTY of people to play both.   To prove this point to me, Taraph75 also know as ‘Tara of Payload’ created a new steam group which she is actively trying to fill with payload enthusiasts Tara’s Payload Pimps This group will be used by her to coordinate all the payload love, so that next time a server has to move, all of her payload lovers can easily find it. :)