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Newbs Stimulus Plan Giveaway!

Posted on: November 3rd, 2010 by The Jib

Hey guys, just thought i’d update you on Newbs plan to take from the rich and give to the poor. The idea is we would like to have monthly contests giving away hats, weapons, name tags etc. for your participation in the Newbs community. How will this work you may ask? Read on..

Okay so let’s face it, the forums need a little spark. Newbs should not only be the best place to play TF2 we’d like to make it one of the best online communities. I think we’re there as far as members go, we just need some participation. The last couple weeks we’ve been making small tweaks to the forums to optimize them. Deleting useless threads, and rewarding those who are contributing good content.

For example. Did you know there’s a TF2 Newbs Steam skin? Sha’.. This is the kind of stuff we’re talking about. Quality contributions are going to start to be recognized and rewarded.

INTRODUCING the ‘I Like the Cut of Your Jib’ forum incentive!

How does this work you may ask. Simple. I’ll be taking a more active role in the forums and seeking out quality posts and threads. Are you great at soldier and want to give us some tips? Do a write up! Plush sticky bombs? Do it! Hell I think we made the 10 o’ clock news with that one. You get the idea.

I made an awesome well thought out thread. Now what?

If your thread or post is deemed exceptional you’ll get one of these badboys

What does that mean exactly? 5 Karma, and 30 50 entries into our monthly drawing of items that we’ll be giving away.

How else can you get entries? POST! Every post you make counts as one entry into our monthly giveaway!

Okay so let’s recap. What’s going on?

Newbs is giving away Hats / Weapons / Name tags / Whatever every month. We’ll have a monthly drawing and the more entries you have the higher your chance of winning! You gain multiple entries by submitting awesome content to the website, and one entry per post! There’s a lot more to this, but these are the basics. Great content + great posts = TF2 items for free for you.

This month we’re starting we’re coming out strong.

1st Place this month gets their choice of Either a Voodoo JuJu or a Spine-Chilling Skull!!

Courtesy of http://wiki.teamfortress.comCourtesy of

2nd Place this month gets a Soldier Stout Shako hat

Courtesy of

All Posts from Nov. 1st to Nov. 30th will count as entries! More info to come, but in the mean time get posting!

Quick Summary:
Each post = 1 entry
Great Threads / Posts (I like the cut of your Jib) = 50 entries
Winning or Submitting info for other contests = Bonus Entries
Signing up for the forums = 20 entries

Official Rules can be found here
View your entries here


4.5%? Our ratio is more like 35% idler. The Halo debate continues. Maybe devil horns?

Posted on: September 3rd, 2009 by octo dhd

According to the official tf2 blog post yesterday around 4.5% of the user base of TF2 would be effected by the removal of items for manipulating the item system (using the idler). I just couldn’t believe it, because most of my friends list was idling every day, so 4.5% seems awful low. I started logging players that had the halo in their backpack vs players without the halo (people I assume were idlers since they didn’t have a halo). Right now its sitting at 35.61% of my users having ‘no halo’ :) If you’re interested in tracking my servers ratios, check out or if you want a text version

Meanwhile Daimao (famous hat modeler) has suggested an alternative system to valve – he proposes That the ‘cheaters’ should be forced to wear devils horns / have a health penalty for a period of time as punishment. I think it’d be great if the devil horns did come out (officially or unofficially) but I’m not sure valve would want to be seen as penalizing the already super angry faced crowd of idlers who think that its just not fair that they lost their ill gotten gains already.

Jib&Koans Contest Results!

Posted on: March 1st, 2009 by Bionic Dingo

The Jib&Koans Contest of Awesome feature the newly aquired Newb Points is complete.

The first place winner will recieve a TF2Newbs tshirt and a pick of one of Koans games second and third place also recieve a tshirt, as well as the top ranking admin.

This contest was a lot of fun, and it really changed the way the game was played. The purpose of this contest of course is to promote server #8 (which i’m sure you all see how badass it really is now..) and to promote team play which we’re all about.. and Gggly playing engy for an entire match unprompted shows me this contest was indeed a Huge Success!! Verry niice

Newb Points Final:
| 83314 | 3051 | you guys (Ggglygy) | First, Tshirt
| 82966 | 2882 | .S9 eekozoid {N} | Second, Tshirt/Grand Prize
| 85120 | 2473 | yaaawn {OSS} »AIDS« | Third, Tshirt
| 83370 | 2062 | {N} YOOOOOOOOOOU GUIZ |
| 83316 | 1847 | [N] NFreak | »AIDS« |
| 83447 | 1789 | i?» Li{N}k: 160/1000 TK’s — | Top Admin, Tshirt
| 83317 | 1697 | [N]{OSS} Andy <3 Ali | »AIDS« |
| 83161 | 1402 | {N}{OSS} Steven.S9 | »AIDS« |
| 91569 | 1163 | mikeyr22 |
| 82849 | 1063 | |N| Jib... ---[] |
| 82993 | 1033 | [N] Crouton Magillicutty |
| 86812 | 1021 | [N]Koben{OSS} |

Congrats to Ggglygy, Eekozoid, yaaawn, and Link for being badasses

So there you have it. Good thing the Ggglygy Contest Clause was in affect for this. Sec.4-Par.2 Clearly states that the grand winner of a previous contest cannot be the grand winner of a future contest.. Basically Gggly seems to find a way to win everytime. He doesn’t get the Grand Prize.. BUT, He still gets a tshirt, and he seems pretty pumped about that. Congrats to Eekozoid for winning the Grand Prize, he puts in a lot of work for #8 and his dedication showed during this contest. Glad to see the newcomer yaaawn finishing up in the ranks, he’s a well respected player on the server. And last but not least big ups to Link for taking the admin challenge, and coming out on top.

Big thanks to all of those who took part in this competition, and if you didn’t get your hands on some Newbs gear – don’t fret because this is the first of many of these to come.

This update by Jib, reminding you to stay classy San Diego