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TF2 Update: April 1, 2014

Posted on: April 1st, 2014 by Obey

(This update is real, and not an April Fool’s joke.)

Added April 3, 2013:

  1. If you haven’t seen the first post on the Official TF2 blog in four months, do so. It will link to a third comic in the Gray-takes-over-Mann-Co. storyline, and gives teasers for moonbases, new gameplay, and community-inspired taunts that just look awesome.¬† (And if you can’t find the obvious Anchorman movie reference, you obviously don’t remember the movie.
  2. Updated blogpost: A TF2Newbs Guide to MvM Item Hunting

The Most Important Things to Know:

  1. [Fixed 4/3/13] Added holiday mode 9 for April Fools Day, which sometimes substitutes Schadenfraude taunts for ordinary taunys, and class responses are changed to laughing (akin to Pyrovision).
  2. Standard crates will now drop much less often. Salvaged Crates #60 can no longer drop, as well as crates #75, #76, and #77.
  3. Crates #82 and #83 have been added.
    • Crate #82 contents:
      • Rocket Launcher Killstreak Kit
      • Scattergun Killstreak Kit
      • Sniper Rifle Killstreak Kit
      • Shotgun Killstreak Kit
      • Ubersaw Killstreak Kit
      • Gloves of Running Urgently Killstreak Kit
      • Spy-cicle Killstreak Kit
      • Axtinguisher Killstreak Kit
      • 1% chance for an Unusual
    • Crate #83 contents:
      • Note that it grants Strangifiers and not the Strange Weapons themselves!
      • Pretty Boy’s Pocket Pistol Strangifier
      • Phlog Strangifier
      • Strange Cosmetic Part: Kills
        • A Strange cosmetic ittem tracks points scored, not kills. This part adds a kill counter.
      • Strange Part: Full Health Kills (your full health, not your victims)
      • Private Eye Strangifier
      • 1% chance for an Unusual
  4. Changes to Chemistry Sets:
    • Chemistry Sets now have a “Series” number attached. Older Series #1 and Series #2 are now named as such.
    • Current Series #3 (and presumably future Chemistry Sets) now have expiration dates.
    • Since Chemistry Sets drop alongside standard crates, I assume that Chemistry Sets will also drop much less often now.
  5. The Wrangler can now take Strange Parts–but will only track increments while the Sentry is actively Wrangled.
  6. Exploits granting a Demoman increased turn rate (due to increased frame rate) while Shield-charging have been fixed.
  7. Added the Little Bear (a cosmetic Giant Heavy Robot) to the Mann Co. Store, purchasable for US$7.49.
    1. Three A Toys sells a toy figure Giant Heavy Robot; purchasing it can award you a Genuine-quality Little Bear.
  8. Occasionally, players that taunt will randomly do the Schadenfraude taunt, even without having the Schadenfraude equipped or possessed.



Full Patch Notes: April 1, 2014

Undocumented changes

 Added April 4, 2014

Thanks for reading this far! Just so you know, {N} Haley is giving away an unusual hat in a contest!! Read this thread to find out how you can win.


[N] Obey


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