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Two TF2 Patches, Oct 25, 2016

Posted on: October 26th, 2016 by Obey

Here’s the pertinent stuff:

  • This year’s Halloween event has been extend to Wednesday, November 16th (three weeks from today).
  • Removed ctf_turbine from the Comp map rotation.
  • Merasmissions have been fixed:
    • Each player will get one map-specific mission per day to complete, for a total of 26 missions.
    • Missions from previous days will add up; join a server to load up to two missions at a time.
  • Your Soul Gargoyle ranks up on 666, 1337, 2000, and then every additional 2000 points, up to a maximum of 36,000 (“Merasmus’s Own”).
    • It tracks points earned on Halloween Event maps during the annual event only.
    • The Soul Gargoyle also tracks the number of transmutations and Merasmissions you complete.
    • It also is a tool item that lets you transmute almost any three items into a nontradable, random Halloween cosmetic.
    • Ranking up the Soul Gargoyle doesn’t do anything.
  • Bugfixes to Brimstone and Pit of Death event.


[N] Obey is working on a comprehensive Halloween Item & Costume Part FAQ. Look for it to be posted on this blog before Halloween!


Patch 1

  • Extended Scream Fortress VIII to run through November 16th, 2016
  • Fixed a problem causing some players to receive the incorrect number of Merasmissions
    • Players should receive one Scream Fortress VIII Merasmission per day of the event, for a maximum possible of seven as of today
    • Players who received too few Merasmissions will be able to quickly catch up to the intended amount
    • A small number of players who received too many Merasmissions will not receive any for the next few days
  • Fixed the Tome of Merasmissions displaying an erroneous maximum number
    • All players will have the opportunity to receive twenty-six Merasmissions during this year’s event, regardless of number of Merasmissions completed in previous years
  • Fixed a small number of unusuals that did not have the proper displayed quality (unique (golden name) instead of unusual (purple name))
  • Updated the model/materials for The El Paso Poncho
  • Fixed not seeing the correct display name for featured community maps (example: pl_fifthcurve_event vs. Brimstone)
  • Updated the localization files
  • Updated mvm_ghost_town to fix error models in the spawn rooms
  • Updated pl_fifthcurve_event (Brimstone)
    • Fixed RED players getting inside BLU‘s 2nd forward spawn
    • Fixed skull’s teeth in hell being non-solid
    • Fixed hell’s coffin tune and tiny spell song sometimes playing to the next round from previous round
    • Fixed some players dropping into hell’s lava in rare cases
    • Fixed big pumpkin in RED 2nd base being non-solid
  • Updated pd_pit_of_death_event
    • Fixed an exploit which allowed players to enter the enemy spawn
    • Fixed enemy players teleported to the Underworld spawning in one another
    • Fixed finale particles not being drawn from certain distances
    • Fixed certain overlays not rendering
    • Increased damage over time dealt in the Underworld
    • Added climbable props to the platforms near mid
    • Added a nobuild to the area surrounding the portal
    • Added signs in spawns to make the second door more obvious
    • Adjusted respawn times so that the losing team will respawn faster
    • Adjusted health, ammo, and spellbooks around the map
    • Changed the Underworld buff to use the Purgatory buff from Eyeaduct
    • Players killed during the finale will now turn into ghosts
    • Decreased score limit from 5 to 4 points per player

Undocumented changes

Patch 2

  • Removed ctf_turbine from the Competitive maps list
  • Updated Mann vs. Machine to use the new ping information system already in use for Casual and Competitive matchmaking
    • In particular, parties with members from differing regions should now have a better queue experience

Correction from the Scream Fortress VIII release notes:

  • Added a taunt Unusualifier
    • A new tool that will Unusualify a specific taunt with a random Unusual effect when the tool is applied to the taunt

[N] Obey

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