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Steam Update, Jan 19, 2017

Posted on: January 19th, 2017 by Obey

Not a lot of news with TF2 since the smallish Christmas Update and the Winter Steam Sale. The January 16 patch had a few very minor fixes. A Steam Update today had a few changes as well.


Steam Update

This isn’t the complete update notes for the client, but I’d like to draw attention to a few things you may have missed:

  • You can now reassign where your saved games are stored, by changing the default pathing under the Properties > Local Files menu.
    • Some third-party games┬álike Terraria have been stored in your Documents > Saved Games folder under your Windows User account, while the rest were stored within the individual game folders of your Steamapps folder. Now you can manipulate them all into a single location if you wish.


  • Added support for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Generic X-Input (third-party Xbox style) controllers.
    • Note that individual controllers are not recognized at this time, so any controller can be set up to any┬ásaved custom settings.


  • You can now assign a trackpad to function as a single large button. Need another button to bind the cycling of your Vaccinator’s resistance type? Slap it onto your trackpad.


  • Added support for some third-party PS4 controllers by certain brands.
  • Fixed a bug where PS4 triggers had a “hair trigger” by being scaled incorrectly, so that they hit their max value too soon.


Comics #6 is out

In case you missed it, the crazy TF2 story continues in comic book format! In this issue, did the Medic die? And will it tell us the story reasons how respawning works? You’ll have to read to find out!


[N] Obey

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