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TF2 Patch, Nov 10, 2016

Posted on: November 12th, 2016 by Obey

The important parts of this patch regard “gravetalk”, or your ability to see chat and hear voicechat from your dead teammates (regardless of whether you are alive or dead). Before, gravetalk defaulted to OFF; now it is defaulted to ON, including in Competitive. Of course, you can’t normally receive the chat/voicechat of the other team unless alltalk is ON. The rest of the patch is just bugfixes.

{N} Olse’s ongoing XCOM 2 saga, starring TF2Newbs characters, can still be read on our forums!

Halloween Event ends Tuesday, November 15th! Each day, one contract is unlocked, for a total of 24 (26?) missions to complete. If you haven’t done any, or only some, the remainder are saved in an invisible queue, revealing two at a time.

Each mission rewards a Halloween-themed cosmetic, with a chance of being Haunted.


Patch 1

Undocumented changes

Patch 2

  • Updated tf_gravetalk setting for Competitive mode to be on by default

[N] Obey

What Are Limited User Accounts?

Posted on: April 18th, 2015 by Obey

Steam has made some changes to the client software in an attempt to reduce the number of phisher/hacker accounts. Rest assured that the following doesn’t apply to you if you have ever spent at least US$5 lifetime at the Steam Store.

UPDATE 5/31/15:  Valve explains their reasons for having limited users to PC Gamer.

A limited user is any Steam account that has not yet spent at least US$5.00 at the Steam Store; such a user is similar to a universal free-to-play account. Limited User accounts have had many of the functions of the Steam client removed–mostly to prevent phishers and hackers from creating throwaway Steam accounts. Among the features that are now disabled for Limited User accounts include:

  • Sending friend invites
  • Voting or posting on anything in Steam Workshop, Greenlight, or Reviews for a game/software
  • Opening text chat windows with another user or groups
  • Gaining Steam Profile Levels and Steam Trading Cards
  • Participating in the Steam Market

The above restrictions are lifted if the user buys a game(s) of at least $5 value in the Steam Store for yourself or as a gift, buys at least $5 worth of Steam Wallet funds, or adds a prepurchased Steam card to the account.

Limited User accounts can still play free-to-play games on Steam, promotional trial games like Free Weekends, receive and play gift games from another person, trade games and/or in-game items, and activate promotional CD keys (like from hardware companies or a Humble Bundle). However, none of these actions will earn full user access; at least $5 of funds and/or content must be purchased from Steam (or a Steam card from a third-party, and then applied) to remove the Limited User restrictions. Again, receiving a game(s) or in-game items as gifts will not remove the restrictions.


[N] Obey