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Console In Plugin

Posted on: March 15th, 2010 by cmptrwz

I got tired of having to find odd places on my keyboard to assign G-Keys to on my Logitech keyboard in TF2.

I wanted to be able to bind my G-Keys to build and destroy buildings and to specific disguises.

So I wrote a simple plugin (see link below) to enable that. Extracted to the tf folder, normally found in
<steam install dir>\steamapps\<username>\team fortress 2
it will create a “Named Pipe” whenever the game is running. Dumping commands into this pipe will run them as though you typed them into the console directly.

Getting TF2 to work with a G15 (or G13, or G19) display

Posted on: January 14th, 2010 by cmptrwz

It is fairly well known at this point that TF2 has Logitech G15 LCD support. When it was discovered people rejoiced!

Then they found out it didn’t work. Apparently the source engine has G15 support, and they didn’t ship all the pieces with TF2.

But you can rejoice, for the secret of getting TF2 to work with a G15 (and, as a result, G13 and G19) has been discovered!