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News For Newbs – Grey Devil Reporting On TF2 Events and Happenings

Posted on: May 25th, 2009 by Grey Devil

Grey Devil reporting in. Newbs’ resident crab-of-many-names.

A lot of members from Newbs have been spurned by the new item drop system (I know I have). And while the system may not be perfect, Koans decided on Sunday to give users what they wanted. No, not the new unlocks (but I’m sure he would if he could), he went one better over Valve. He threw another (in)famous Newbs Instant Contest: Win Koans’ Money!

Nothing gets people motivated more than cold. hard. cash.

What kind of depraved, whorish, insane shennanigans did Koans’ twisted mind come up with this time around? He challenged the #4 2fort server engineers to build a full setup in the other team’s sink room. Having to build a lvl 3 sentry, lvl 3 dispenser, and working teleporter (exit in sink room and entrance in the home base) proved to be quite difficult and Koans kept everyone motivated by doubling the prize.

There were a few people who got very close (Scott, Ggg, Steven and a few others) but in the end Waffle Frohman rose to the occasion and was victorious! Congratulations. I do hope everyone had a good time, keep an eye out because you never know when and where the next instant contest might be.

On a related note: I’d like to personally thank Koans for putting the time, expense and effort in keeping the community a great place to be. You dont have to be an admin to make these contributions; so if you’d like to donate money, complete something in Octo’s to-do list or anything else you can think of that benefits Newbs you’re welcome to do so.

Its that time of year again, Win Koans’ Birthday Gifts (mini) contest

Posted on: March 24th, 2009 by octo dhd

Last year for Koansrus’s birthday he held a contest and gave away cash money prizes, well actually he bought gifts on Steam for people – but anyways….. This year will be a little bit different, on Koans’ B-day (March 30th) he’ll officially be turning old as dirt. To celebrate this lifetime achievement he will be having multiple mini-contests on the different servers. When will the contests be? _ITS A SECRET!!!_ Koans intends on joining a (random) server, enabling all talk and calling for an impromptu competition. The difficulty and goals may vary widely. Up for prizes are some games koans has laying around – there will be approximately 10 mini contests (which means 10 prizes)…. I’m sure he’ll post more on the forums detailing which games he has. He will be _SHIPPING_ these games to the winners, so if you don’t want to share your home address (this would be ALL people < 18years old) – politely decline the gift and still get the kudos and respect from everyone for being a badass.

Good luck, and happy birthday in a few days Koans.

4 Fun Team Fortress 2 Christmas Songs

Posted on: December 13th, 2008 by Newbs Staff

Heres a followup/update on the 12 days of 2fort.

These pretty much speak for themselves, here are four fun for the whole family songs celebrating Team Fortress 2. Big thanks go out to Koans R Us and Crouton Magillicutty for their efforts. I’d really love to see these turned into bigger productions (in-game demo, machinima, flash movie, etc). So if anyone wants to offer to sing/record these songs or is interested in doing some video work or other production please let me know. I will give out reserves and kudos if people put in time.

Team Fortress 2 Christmas Songs