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TF2 Update: Now With 100% More UFOs!

Posted on: September 11th, 2015 by Obey

This patch has just some bugfixes. And some UFOs. LOLWUT?!

ICYMI: I updated the price guide yesterday.

If you’ve been on 2Fort lately, or many other official TF2 maps, you may happen to witness your very own UFO sighting! On 2Fort, look thru the border fencing near the red farmhouse:

2fort UFO

It’s probably just a teaser for the upcoming Halloween Update. At any rate, stay sitting down, because no one wants to be experimented on by an alien, unless that’s your fetish.  If it is, don’t tell me.  By the way….


Are you familiar with KOTH Probed?

Probed, of which the latest version is koth_probed_b8 , is a King of the Hill community map that won the 2014 Mapping Contest for the theme, “Mercs vs. Aliens”. You fight the other team to capture a point, but you must also dodge a UFO that tries to snatch you with a tractor beam.  If it succeeds, you’ll be taken somewhere harmful to your health! But maybe you can escape….




You know how UFOs like to abduct cows? Yeah, they like to do that too:

Probed4I have no idea whether Probed will have anything to do with the upcoming (probable) Halloween update for 2015. However, the UFO witnessed in many official TF2 Maps is the same one as the one in Probed. So you may want to get familiar with this map. I did a quick server search in TF2, and couldn’t find a single server running koth_probed_b8, but if you’re curious, download the map from the Steam Community here and take a look around by using the Create Server option (bots won’t work without an AI mesh, however).

…You want to believe, don’cha?


Full Patch Notes: Sept 11, 2015

  • Added the DeutschLAN 2015 tournament medals
  • Fixed a client crash related to fonts
  • Fixed a client crash for users who had model quality set to low on maps with static prop lightmaps (thanks to Egan for the detailed report and test case)
  • Fixed a bug where Strange Dalokohs Bars were incorrectly counting Allied Healing Done events as Allies Extinguished
  • Strange Sandviches can now accept Allies Extinguished strange parts
  • Updated the materials and model for the Rotation Sensation
  • Updated the localization files
  • PASS Time update
    • If the jack is neutral for too long, it will automatically respawn
    • If a player holds the jack for too long, teammates can steal the jack from that player
    • Catching and intercepting a tossed jack is slightly easier
    • Demoman can no longer charge or detonate while holding the jack
    • Enabled melee-only for sudden death mode
    • Updated pass_warehouse to fix some spots where the jack could get stuck

Undocumented changes

[N] Obey