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(2nd Annual) Badass TF2 Pumpkin Contest Winners – And an announcement about NewbsMas

Posted on: November 5th, 2009 by octo dhd

As promised I’m posting the results of the 2nd Annual TF2 Newbs Pumpkin Carving Contest – This year we had 7 entries which is down from last year, but the entries were VERY good. I spent a long time evaluating the Pumpkins trying to decide who should win. I decided that in order to reward those who put the time and the dedication into making a pumpkin and submitting them that I would expand the prizes! So instead of one copy of l4d2 I gave away 3 copies! I had Jib send one to each of the three ‘winning’ pumpkins. The final odds of winning a grand prize in this contest ended up being a 3/7 which means that 42% of the entries won a copy of l4d2! You just can’t beat TF2Newbs odds.

A big thank you goes out to Control Point for featuring our little contest on their podcast, I think its really kicked things up a notch – Thanks again!

All people who participated won 1 years worth of reserve on the Newbs servers, a forum honorz (will be added tomorrow hopefully), and 1 year of !hatme access (enables you to wear any classes hat). If you participated and want the Newbs server rewards contact me on steam, most of the participants I couldn’t find in the stats db under their entry name so I don’t know their steamid :) I can be reached @

I would like to take this chance to announce the next Newbs Contest… (drum roll) The next contest is the – Newbs Team Fortess 2 Christmas and other Winter Celebrations Contest. All entries will be TF2 and winter solstice themed. Entries can be winter decorations, confections, other food stuffs, songs, snow sculptures, or any other creative work. I will be announcing further details very shortly. If you want to keep track of the latest Christmas contest news please join I’m not certain on the prizes yet (looking for some sponsors) but I promise that it will be worth your time :)

Back to the Pumpkins…..

The participants (in alphabetical order) -


  • Gearpunk
  • kitty_tiky
  • LlamaMaster

Runner ups:

  • binjin
  • nfreak
  • nil.kemorya
  • odinspeed

These were the winning Pumpkins, I’ll be posting all entries in our hall of fame soon (which means by Christmas).







They are coming for our pumpkins, control points, and brains + l4d2 demo comes out tonight

Posted on: October 27th, 2009 by octo dhd

Today we got our very first entry in this years TF2 Themed Pumpkin Carving contest, hopefully many more follow shortly – remember the final date for entering the contest (grand prize a copy of L4D2) is November 2nd. Full Contest Details

In other Pumpkin News, a big atta-boy goes out to everyones favorite heavy, Scott Eats Bullets (And Arrows). Recently Scott sent in a letter to the Control Point podcast about our TF2 Themed Pumpkin Carving Contest and they read it during their broadcast! A huge thank you to both Scott and the folks at Control Point. People that help out others in the gaming community make up for a lot of nights dealing with idiots and griefers :) I know a lot of our regulars listen to the podcast, but incase you don’t usually check it out. Here Scotts Letter – it starts @ 37:49

The preview Demo of L4D2 comes out this evening (11pm Pacific) I’m sure it will be a good time for all (slow downloads, crashing, qq’ing, death, etc). Since L4D2′s release is fast approaching lets take a look back at psychonics L4D2 hypocrites page..

As you can see, the graph looks even more like pacman than it did before.
Hotlink to hot info on the l4d2boycott

For full details, once again check out the man responsibles page L4D2 Boycott Lulz

#10 Maintenance Project Results

Posted on: October 24th, 2009 by cmptrwz

There were piles of entries, and it took me a while to sort through them all…

Why are you looking at me funny?

Cut it out.

Ok, there were barely a handful of entries, and I went through them all in an hour or three. Happy? Moving on…

Tf2 Pumpkin Carving and L4D2 Boycotters – A Review of last week

Posted on: October 17th, 2009 by octo dhd

Hello and welcome, its time for a update on the posts from ~10 days ago, which I’ll pretend was only a week ago.

First off the TF2Newbs 2009 TF2 Pumpkin Carving Contest is underway, I havn’t checked if we have any submissions so far, but I’m pretty confident that we’ll have a better turn out than last year (See last years TF2 pumpkin entries). We have decided via poll to allow craft pumpkins, which is good news for those of you who hate pumpkin guts, or wish to save their pumpkin to display next year. For the rest of the Rules for 2009 TF2 Pumpkin Contest check out the link just before these words. The tl;dr basic idea is that you (using a tf2 theme) cut a pumpkin or other pumpkin like thing, take a picture, enter into contest, and get a chance to win L4D2.

As far as L4D2 boycotters go it looks like the boycott movement is sliding even more. Previously when we reported on this, the numbers were at a 2% hypocrite level. This has swelled to 3.8%! As always, be sure to check out the official L4D2 Boycott Lulz Webpage that psychonic has blessed the world with. I’d also like to remind everyone to mark down tomorrow (Oct 18th) on your calendar as Master Server Day. There will be much rejoicing and booze.

And now for something different – 10 Maintenance project – Win L4D2 AND Borderlands

Posted on: October 15th, 2009 by octo dhd

Time for #10 specific contests, no mapping experience required!

Three contests, all judged by myself and only myself.

First, find a map that is not already installed on #10 that you think SHOULD be installed on #10 and put into the rotation. Best map (as chosen by me with a multitude of criteria) wins! You don’t have to have made the map.

Second, find a song (from OCRemix) that is not already on #10 that would rock on #10. Best song (as chosen by me) wins! You don’t have to have made the remix.

Third, provide me with a screenshot from #10 that makes me laugh the hardest. You DO have to have made the screenshot (or rather, have had your game make the screenshot), and old screenshots don’t count.

The prize? Grand Prize (and there is nothing but the grand prize) winner for each contest gets a copy of L4D2 AND a copy of Borderlands. Yes, PREORDERS FOR BOTH GAMES.

You have until sometime on the 23rd when I decide to finalize my judging, owing to the fact that borderlands is available a few days later.

To consolidate information:
Screenshots must be taken from the point the contest started.
Entries should be posted here or PMed to me. OCRemix ID numbers may be used, or album number with track number. Maps should be by name, or with a link to download. If I can’t find the map, I may request a link to download before considering the entry valid.
Maps already on the server include cyberpunk, harbl_hotel, dm_biosphere, ctf_convoy, ctf_aerospace, ctf_blackhole. Probably a couple others that are never switched to due to not really fitting the server.
Songs already on the server are OCRemix IDs 15, 1286, 1400, 1661, 881, 1367, and 1507.
You can enter 1 map, 2 songs, 5 screenshots.

Entries to date:

Contest 1: Map

Contest 2: Song
OCRemix ID 1893
OCRemix ID 1760

Contest 3: Screenshots

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