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TF2 Update: 10/1/14

Posted on: October 1st, 2014 by Obey

NOTE: Currently, servers #13 and #27 (UK) are down.  The usual server mechanics have been notified, and I’m sure everything will be up in less than a day. –[N] Obey

Here’s what’s going on:

  1. The 2014 Saxxy winners have been announced! Click the link to watch the nominated videos.
  2. All TF2 servers can now allow a vote whether to activate/deactivate player-count autobalancing only.
  3. All TF2 servers now, by default, allow teamtalk to be on (allowing dead players to be heard by living players).
  4. Muting a player now applies to text chat as well as voice chat.
    • Previously, this was not available without SourceMod or other third-party scripts (I think).
  5. Minor changes to rd_asteroid

Full Patch Notes

  • Improved memory usage for Mac clients
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed item nametags to go beyond the 40 character limit
  • Fixed a bug where reflected rocket explosions from non-stock flamethrowers would cause the flame sound to loop
  • tf_teamtalk is now on by default – the dead can talk to the living
  • When you mute a player, the mute settings now apply to text chat as well as voice chat. If you want the previous behavior, change convar cl_mute_all_comms to 0.
  • More weapon models are now loaded on demand to reduce overall memory usage
  • Added “Enable/Disable Auto TeamBalancevotes
  • Updated rd_asteroid
    • Increased overtime to 45 seconds
    • Added more sound cues when overtime starts
    • Dropped reactor cores now blink on the HUD when they are about to return
    • Added latest art assets to blue base exterior

Undocumented changes


[N] Obey

TF2 Newbs Logo Contest Vote!

Posted on: October 29th, 2008 by Newbs Staff

You have been solicited to make a new TF2 Newbs logo.. I tempted you with everlasting fame, karma, and a reserved slot. This much I can give you.. But wait that’s not all folks! For the extensive participation, I’ll be awarding a special honorz icon to the top 3 entries!

How does this work? I’ll tell you. The anonymity of it all is pretty shot because you can just look at who posted the pics in the thread : ) so rather than making some funky number system to keep this from being a popularity contest.. We’ll just go on the honorz system. (HA.) No really. You guys seem to be pretty non partial and since all the people who posted stuff are badass as it is, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Check it out:…