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Important: Server changes/Koans Owns

Posted on: September 24th, 2008 by Newbs Staff


WHOA. lotta stuff to cover here. If you havn’t noticed yet theres a lot of big changes coming through with the servers. I’ve been patiently waiting for the situation to fall into place as to not prematurely give the wrong information. Here’s the skinny.. The original servers 2fort #2, 2fort #3, the payload server, and the scrim/rotation server are going to be going away. Deep breath.. Here are the new servers that are replacing them.

24/7 2fort (Octo-land) #4
24/7 2fort (Koans Kingdom) #5
Rotation 1 (Koans Kingdom) #6

A lot of people are seeing better latency, and smoother graphics on these servers. These are machines specifically designed to run TF and are well routed to service nation wide. Previously we did not pay for our servers. Those days are gone : ) We are working on a flexible donation structure to insure the servers stay up. (They cost money!) As the donation money comes in, we’ll be adding additional game servers to meet the needs of the community.

What does this mean to you? Not many changes will be coming about. New ip addresses.. So make sure to favorite the new servers. Same awsh0me admins, stats (once we do the full transfer over), stats free sundays, 12 on 12 heavy melee for no reason battles, and little mods like health and ammo when you capture. If you’re playing on the new servers it’s stats free until October 1st, which is when the new period will start. For the time being we’ll have a rotation server rather than a payload server. There was a big response to the rotation server and right now we only have funds for 3 servers so we’re trying a rotation. If you love the payload like many people do, donate! I’m sure you’ve forked over a few dollars for xbox live or.. WoW *gasp* in your day.. And TF2 is way beyond that stuff. Even if its just a few dollars, it all goes towards getting the servers running for you to play on! Reserved Slots! Think about all the time you wait in cue on auto join, and how much happier you would be making the best of your time available to get right on the servers!

Join the Steam Group! This is a good way to stay in touch with us, and make this transition as smooth as possible.


Now onto other cool things..
Koansrus has been a huge contributor to the community. Adming the servers, running contests.. Well koans stepped up big time with some donations and is currently funding 2 of the new servers (koans kingdom respectively). How do you thank somebody for being such a badass? Well.. a honorz in their honor.

if you see koans. Thank him for helping the community stay strong, and check out his new zombie mod.. it’s pretty fun : )


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4 Responses to “Important: Server changes/Koans Owns”

  1. Grey Devil Says:

    Thanks for th servers Koans <3 we rove you rong time.

  2. admin Says:

    ya thanks koans

  3. Steven Says:

    Indeed Koans, thanks so much!

  4. Avulsion Says:

    Sweet! Thanks a lot!

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