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TF2′s “Two Cities” Update

Posted on: November 22nd, 2013 by Obey

(See also: The tutorial “A TF2Newbs Guide to MvM Item Hunting“.)

This update is predominantly a Mann vs. Machine update, but there’s some item tweaks in store for the regular game as well.

Also, starting with this patch update, I’ve decided to try to make these update blogposts more readable and less of a wall of bullets (which you can get anywhere, such as your “My News” wall in your Steam client, or at the Official TF2 Wiki. So sit back, and let me regale you with what’s in store.

1. New CP Map: Snakewater


First of all, there is Snakewater (cp_snakewater_final1), a new five-point control point map. Set in a cloudy, alpine area, your team will duke it out in the middle of a logging facility. This isn’t a huge map like Granary; like the recently released Process, it’s a map that works good for 6-on-6 matches and has been playtested heavily in competitive matches. There are no full-health or full-ammo pickups, but lots of smaller and medium ones on this map.

Also, there are new achievements you can earn for playing on Snakewater, as well as Process and Standin, which were released a couple of months ago.

2. Weapon Tweaks

Scout’s Baby Face’s Blaster has been reworked:

  • It’s base speed penalty is now only 10% (down from 35%).
  • It now shoots identical to the Scattergun, losing its increased clip size, increased accuracy, and its damage penalty,
  • It still builds a speed boost when dealing damage with any Scout weapon, still gains when shooting an invulnerable target, and still doesn’t gain when shooting a disguised enemy Spy.
  • However, jumping from the ground no longer removes the Scout’s boost meter. And jumping from the air only reduces the boost by one-fourth (25%) of the meter each time, instead of losing the entire boost from a single jump.

So now a Scout wielding this weapon will behave much more like a Scout normally does, jumping in and shooting a close target from vertical/diagonal angles. Hitting your target helps you move quickly to the next, and now you deal full damage close to the target, rather than doing a strange midrange snipe on wounded targets.

Medic’s Amputator got a tradeoff nerf:

  • Added a -20% damage penalty.
  • Added +3 health regeneration per second while the Amputator is deployed.

The Amputator already had an area-of-effect healing taunt, making it a straight upgrade from the Bonesaw. Now it does a little less damage, but it increases your passive health regeneration when you pull it out. This also means that when you do use the Amputator’s taunt to heal, the Medic will recover more than before. (This is also a means to restore the old Medieval Medic set bonus, which had increased overall health regeneration, but had been removed.)

Crusader’s Crossbow

  • Damage over distance is now capped at 75 points (+/- usual variance).

The Medic’s Crossbow is one of the few weapons that deals more damage as the projectile travels farther. Now there is a cap on its healing so that a Medic cannot be both a functional Sniper (it still cannot headshot) or recover a teammate’s full health from a long range with a good shot (remember, it heals teammates). It still makes for a handy weapon when firing into a tight group of bodies (you’ll either hurt a bad guy or heal a good guy), and it still enjoys a faster rate of fire from the tweaks it’s received over the last few patches.

Liberty Launcher

  • Added 25% reduced damage from rocket jumps.

Soldier’s Libby gets more love! It already retains a -25% damage modifier, so this change will further applies the same damage reduction you receive from your own rockets when your character is in the air (only) when receiving blast damage from your own rockets. Now it’ll only cost you about 20-35 health per jump (compared to 27-46 from the stock Rocket Launcher), and even less when wearing the Gunboats (I’m guessing only 10-25 per jump when using both). Enjoy that 4-clip, Soldier!


  • Moved the eye glow position to the Demoman’s eye patch (his other eye). Changed the glow color to Cursed green.

Let’s you know why your friends are screaming about a “horrible green death machine” when you’re chopping them up. Carry on.

Golden Frying Pan

This ain’t even a joke!


That is a Frying Pan made of pure Australium. Like the Saxxy and Golden Wrench, it causes any foes killed by it to be turned into golden statues. Unlike the Saxxy and Golden Wrench, it is an all-class melee weapon of every class and perform as each class’s default: it can perform Spy backstabs and repair Engineer buildings (if you are those current classes)! Now, you can be Panstabbed!

Gee, how do you get one?  See below….

3. Killstreak Kits and Australium-quality Items

When you complete a Two Cities Tour (see below), you will earn a Killstreak Kit. I’m not sure if this is a tool or what, but this item is supposed to grant you new visual effects for your weapons. And as you finish more tours (probably important in number as well as which tours you participate in), you will earn additional fabricators, which will help you craft progressively rarer killstreaks or visual effects for said weapon.

Hm. The Official Wiki isn’t much help here. I’ll include more information later on….

However, it is possible to earn an Australium-quality weapon, by random drop after completing a Two Cities Tour. The following weapons can now be obtained in Australium quality:

  • Scout: Scattergun, Force-a-Nature
  • Soldier: Rocket Launcher, Black Box
  • Pyro: Flamethrower, Axtinguisher
  • Demoman: Grenade Launcher, Stickybomb Launcher, Eyelander
  • Heavy: Minigun, Tomislav
  • Engineer: Frontier Justice, Wrench*
  • Medic: Blutsauger, Medi Gun
  • Sniper: Sniper Rifle, SMG
  • Spy: Ambassador, Knife

*The Australium Wrench is not to be confused with the ultra-rare Golden Wrench, even though they may look similar.


4. There were many other little changes…

…but just too many to post on one blogpost. Go read the official TF2 wiki for the rest of the details.

[N] Obey

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  1. Nuunsa Says:

    So far I’ve tested out the new maps. They’re a LOT bigger than previous MvM maps. They’re more akin to the ones after the Engi update, but instead of being long, they’re more wide and have the robots snaking more. Think more like Sanctum and in a more tower defense mentality. They’re a lot of fun so far. :D

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