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The End of Gun Mettle. And Now We Wait.

Posted on: September 30th, 2015 by Obey

The Gun Mettle Season ends today (Sept 30), so your last contracts are in your queue, if you bought into the campaign previously. If you have more than two contracts in your queue, it will only show your two most recent, and the others will not appear until you complete them. I believe you have a week (Oct 7?) to finish them all. (I also assume that the Gun Mettle Trade Up option will still be available for the future.)

Also, UGC’s Fall 2015 Season just started….

Let us know on this forum thread what servers you have been playing TF2 lately.


The Upcoming Non-Update Halloween Update ’15:


In case you missed it, there will not be a major Halloween Update for 2015, which is not what I predicted earlier. According to the Official TF2 Blog, Valve are busy at work with the next major update which should push by the end of 2015, perhaps in time for the annual Holiday Steam Sale (which usually starts roughly December 20th). So unless Valve decides to spring a Halloween Update on us anyway, here is what to expect from the next major patch in a couple of months:

  • Mannpower Mode should come out of beta. This mode is simply TF2 capture-the-flag + powerups + grappling hooks.
  • A new campaign with contracts and weapon collections (I’ll post more info when I see it).
  • New maps and cosmetics, because TF2.

That said, there will be a Halloween Event this year. They will release more Halloween content (cosmetics, maps, and taunts that won’t have the Halloween/Full Moon restriction), and activate all six previous Halloween Mode maps–which you can read all about here on my FAQ. It won’t launch until sometime between October 19th and October 30th, and will probably run for two to three weeks.

And I’ll be updating the FAQ, as well.


TF2 Patch Notes, 9/24/15: Patch 1

  • Added LBTF2 Highlander Season 2 and LBTF2 6v6 Season 11 tournament medals
  • Added an “Unusual Effect” checkbox for the Steam Workshop import tool
  • Fixed a client crash related to the material system
  • Fixed seeing [unknown] for player names in item descriptions
  • Fixed a lighting bug with static props
  • Fixed custom item_teamflag models not drawing properly
  • Fixed a case where the Stat Clock model would float in the air while the player was taunting
  • Fixed a case where the Sniper zoom could get stuck after picking up a weapon
  • Fixed a push bug with The Scorch Shot and giant robots in Mann vs. Machine mode
  • Fixed the Spy Sapper not drawing on robots in Mann vs. Machine mode
  • Updated the slosh sounds used for footsteps
  • Updated the localization files
  • Updated the vote system so player can extend the current map using the “Extend Current Map” vote in the Vote Setup menu
    • Server admin can configure this new feature using the convars sv_vote_issue_extendlevel_allowed and sv_vote_issue_extendlevel_quorum
  • PASS Time update
    • Rounds will continue after the timer expires until the jack becomes neutral or someone scores
    • The jack will heal its carrier to full health
    • Added tf_passtime_unstable for testing unstable features
    • Unstable features
      • Attack, defense, and support classes have different throwing arcs (tf_passtime_throwspeed, tf_passtime_throwarc)
      • The jack inherits some of the thrower’s velocity (tf_passtime_throwspeed_velocity)
    • Added an alternate version of pass_warehouse: pass_warehouse_goal2
      • Instead of scoring by throwing the jack into the goal, players need to carry the jack into the goal

TF2 Patch Notes, 9/24/15: Patch 2

Fixed a crash related to picking up dropped weapons


[N] Obey

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