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Posted on: September 7th, 2008 by Newbs Staff

What it is?! its time for some well deserved bloggage.

-We’re currently looking for more people to start the servers in the early AM. Doing so not only makes you a badass.. It could earn you a reserved slot. : )

-Octos working on a ton of new stuff for the site. Any user generated content would be much appreciated. If you don’t have some.. nows a good time to make some right?

-And last but not least, just wanted to let you guys know lions are going to the playoffs this year and I might even say the divisional championships. NFL opening day w00t.

ah.. i feel better


Nothing a few stickies can’t fix (smettbo)

wait a minute.. where’s gggly at again? (grey dev)

HALLO (steven)




Ahh yes.. Feels like we’ve visited this topic before but this ones a little different. We did Honorz Octo and Golden Marmoset for their ability to be a teamplayer.. Sacrificing and such. This Honorz vote is in honor of the players who Organize, Verbalize, and Materialize.. offensive strategies (it rhymed.. okay?) So yea. the guy yelling SPY BEHIND YOU SPY BEHIN… damn. he’s team’n it up alright? This guy (or girl.. ) Is known for keeping things in order, letting teh team know they are sucking the big one because they are composed of 5 spies and 4 snipers. This guy may be on the mic, sayin ‘hey. it’s about time we stopped turtling.. and smashed these pansies’…
Well.. they don’t HAVE to say that.. that actually sounds like something I’d say so.. you get the drift. And by the new style of honorz votes (since we have so many badass people to consider) we went off the nomination system. So all of these people were nominated by someone else (or themselves??)

OctoDhd - 10 (10.9%)
Kain Phalanx - 11 (12%)
Scott Eats Bullets - 7 (7.6%)
Koansrus - 6 (6.5%)
DOA b0n3s - 4 (4.3%)
Grey Devil - 4 (4.3%)
Dingo - 10 (10.9%)
Chodesweat - 1 (1.1%)
Zapfacid - 5 (5.4%)
Hal Jordan - 9 (9.8%)
Mr Hanky - 3 (3.3%)
Dondi - 3 (3.3%)
Major Dewar - 1 (1.1%)
Aristotle - 5 (5.4%)
Orsa - 0 (0%)
Jackapples - 1 (1.1%)
Bulldog - 4 (4.3%)
YOU’RE ALL SPIES - 4 (4.3%)
CroutonMagilicutty - 1 (1.1%)
TracerHawk - 2 (2.2%)
(D.O.A.) Sodapopinski - 1 (1.1%)
LeeTagger - 0 (0%)
iMouse - 0 (0%)

Congrats to Kain Phalanx, Octo, and Dingo for recieving the honorz of Teamwork!11


Whats h0t

  • :) movement
  • Upcoming Contest
  • Not a rickroll
  • Why is EVERYONE pyro..
  • ————————————————————————————————–





    Whats hOt? Screenshots, linkage. The pursuit of happiness.

    Posted on: August 20th, 2008 by Newbs Staff

    Leetagger knocked out by a falling rocket launcher

    Greys elite. valve approved -HEAVY ACHIEVEMENT TIME

    SANDVICH TIME. (btw anyone tell you heavy updates are out?)

    Public Service Announcement: Are you a FailMedic? Tired of healings noobs? Can’t take the feeling of a crit rocket to the face with a full ubercharge waiting? Read Jib’s blog.. It’ll keep you off that ledge



    Due to’s and’s coverage of dingo’s plush stickies tutorial, they have been added to our community link section!


    Whats Hot?

  • Natascha, Or Sasha? The great debate
  • A Little Comic Relief?
  • Servers updated for Heaviness!
  • Did I mention.. Heavy Updates?
  • ————————————————————————————————-

    The winner of the Best Mic Performance Honorz!


    It wouldn’t be a Jib Blog without a RANDOM PICTURE OF THE DAY

    clickity clack clickity clack. no really. don’t click it


    The good stuff..

    Posted on: August 13th, 2008 by Newbs Staff

    A lot of content to cover today.. maedness!

    my main man grey devil dropped by off a couple fresh screenies.. Entitled ‘Angry mob vs Grey Devil’

    Another grey special. Tune in as he hunts the endangered Crab Spy.. It’s claws are so huge! It Broke my knife. Arghhh. (i guess mc hammer was in the house too.. noice)

    And i’m feeling generous today.. 3 screenies. Just hangin out.


    Let’s get down to business. Teh Hotness.

  • Boxing Gloves? Hal’s got the hookup.
  • -side note. new heavy achievement details are given in the title of the images.. way to go valve.

  • Gggly to go on idol?
  • And leading into our next honorz.. the hottest of them all

  • Best Mic Performance
  • MIC CHECK. 1-2.1-2. Who makes you feel fuzzy inside when they hold down ‘V’? Well let’s find out. Whether it be that barry white kinda smooth tone that you enjoy so much, Andy’s incessant screaming and swearing, or Gggly’s karaoke…

    And that folks. Is. The Hotness.

    JibRollercoasters. Signing off.

    screendiddlez. teh h0tness. Hon0rz. RPOTD

    Posted on: August 12th, 2008 by Newbs Staff

    So let’s switch it up a bit. screenshots first.. uhm.. hotness second and honorz last. yeap.

    gibs. ftw.

    sizzlin and looking good doing it.

    what the hell is hot? i’ll tell ya.

  • Schools back.. Damn
  • HAH New Scout bat.. watch the vid.
  • ————————————————————————————-

    and now for our newest addition to the newbs blog..


    honorz. whats it all about? mad skills. that’s what.

    Jaxass 10 (27.8%)
    Bob Dole’s Woodlen Critters 15 (41.7%)
    [BS] Afro D 4 (11.1%)
    -Rush- 0 (0%)
    [HN]Carribian [nes] 7 (19.4%)
    Total Voters: 36

    Congrats Bob Dole on honorz of Best Spy. If you see bobby, or any of the other nominees give them some credit for being what is known as Рbadass.

    Honorz Vote – Screenshots – Updates

    Posted on: August 6th, 2008 by Newbs Staff

    Ahh yes.. Time for another hon0rz. Best Spy?

    Spy’s Sappin muh Happiness..

    You’re walkin out of your base, got your medic.. uber ready.. Just waiting to unleash some wicked crits on some noobs and BAM. BAM BAM. (err.. slash) Your medics dead, the guy next to you is dead, you turn just in time to get face stabbed. @#%$^.. Who gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling?


  • Jaxass
  • Bob Dole’s Woodlen Critters
  • [BS] Afro D
  • -Rush-
  • [HN]Carribian [nes]
  • Go Vote! Give these guys a nice crit to the face next time you see them. We owe them a couple : )
    A trip to the Balet

    screeenshoott timmme.. Seems fitting with the honorz vote and all..

    Another balet sh0t.

    keep them coming. Upload em


    Although the server and website are constatly updating I thought I’d take a moment to give Octo some props on porting the blog to match the rest of the site. Looks pretty. Wasn’t easy.