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2010 is Quickly Approaching, be sure to get your 2010 Crab Spy Calendar

Posted on: December 31st, 2009 by octo dhd

Just a quick heads up, the new Crab Spy Calendar is up and available just in time for most peoples New Years celebrations. A big thanks goes out to NFreak and all the people that gave him a hand in helping capture great images of Crab Spies in various environments. These folks contributions are detailed in the Credits in the actual calendar release and will be added soon to the official download page.

Go ahead and check it out –

Since the calendar was incredibly popular last year, be sure to spread the word so that no one misses out on it.

Also a quick update on Newbsmas, due to me not being able to dedicate the proper time to the contest I’ve extended the deadline until Midnight Feb 14th (Pacific). Be sure to get your holiday themed entries in with this extra time I should be able to get some ‘unique’ prizes in to hand out =)

The Crab Spy Saw His Shadow, 4 More Months of 2008. Get your 2009 Spy Crab Calendar

Posted on: August 25th, 2008 by Newbs Staff

Luckily when 2008 is over we will be able to have some wonderful wild crab spies hanging on our walls to keep us company.  According to some people the crab spy is a very threatened, endangered species. 

NFreak has spent the past month scouring the Team Fortress 2 landscape in search of the wild crab spy.  He came back with many quality shots of the elusive and easily hunted creatures.

The pictures have been assembled into 12 images, complete with month names and valid 2009 calendar grids. 

 So go ahead, download the calendar, print one out and hang it proudly on your wall.  With your help we can save the crab spies from extinction.  Please always remember that crab spies are harmless and clumsy creatures.   So please try not to stab or shoot them as they go about doing whatever it is they do.  Oh, as an added bonus the calendar includes miniture avatar images of players from the TF2 Newbs on their birthdays :) 

Big props and thanks go out to NFreak – Thanks for braving the wild in order to bring us something we can all be proud of.

NFreaks 2009 Crab Spy Calendar