[NES] Newbs Elite Snipers

Elite Newb Snipers was form on or around January 23, 2008 by Koans R Us and Headshot Hitman (Retarded Link) to compete in a sniper league tournament (Put on by The Marksmen). They won at least one scrim. This band of rowdy snipers have continued to use the [NES] tag even though the group was officially disbanded months and months ago.

Newbs Elite Soldiers [nes]

One of the oldest official clans on the server, Newb's Elite Soldiers was created for those regulars who were exactly that - elite. Formed around May, 2008 by admins Jib and Headshot, this clan was made for those few on the server who were built for CAL season. Arguably the clan with the most cred, and the fewest members, and for good reason. Not everyone can be one of Newb's Elite Soldiers.

Newbs Elite Fatties [NEF]

Newbs Elite Fatties was formed on or around August 12, 2008 by Mr. Hanky. Our favorite poo Joined up with Hal Jordan to strike fear into the hearts of children near and far with their fatty brigade.


Baershark is a new clan on the TF2 Newbs server which is taking the server by storm. Aggressive recruiting has enabled them to displace the previous largest clan on the Newbs server (nes) with a total of 19 members active this month. Baershark is led by Jackapples and Mr. Hanky. Currently they have 5 players in the server top 10! Nice work..


ICE has been around since the dawn of time. Man has been mystified by its properties, and that fact that its ICE COLD. Very early in the history of the Newbs Server ICE appeared on the scene. This powerful force from Americas Hat (Canada) consisted of Major Dewar and Scott Eats Bullets. They came down to our little Southern California server and brought the pain that only the cold bitter Canadian tundra could create. They also brought many many other crazy canadians - who inturn brought much death and sentry destroying power. Nowadays ICE is publicly accepting new members.

{OSS} Orange Soda Society

OSS is a clan of people that worship orange soda. The Orange Soda Society has been around on the Newbs servers since about April of 2008, and currently has about 16 members. Despite OSS messing around a lot, they'll still pwn you [according to Andy God Of Orange Soda].

(JF) The Jerk Factory

The Jerk Factory is not a clan. Its an epic movement. The kind of movement that is full of lol. Their anti stats +fun stance has shaken the very foundation of the Newbs server community. With the finest assortment of lolheavies, failmedics, and roflpyros, and fungineers available in North America they are set to take the world by storm with their lack of organization or goal.
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