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TF2 Server Blacklisting Tool / List – Get rid of all those fake client servers

Posted on: October 31st, 2009 by octo dhd

I rarely go on the steamforums, but today I was sent a link which sounded interesting enough for me to brave the cold, harsh steamforums. The link was for a rogue server blacklist, specifically for TF2. I was actually quite happy with what I read and instead of reading a bunch of bellyaching whiner posts I read happy ‘its about time’ posts (thats a shocker). If you too hate servers that have fakeclients, bad tags, mods that unbalance the game than you should check out the TF2 Server Blacklist Post. The configurability of the lists seems like a nice powerful feature, so you can remove only what you want to remove. Immortal-D of is helping Pebr to verify that the reported servers really are bad servers – which I think is great. So if you know some bad servers that lie, please report them. TF2 Server Blacklist Live reporting / list page

Lets hope valve takes this idea and incorperates it into the client.

[Edit - The live generation of custom lists seems broken (it shows unverified servers in the list), I recommend using the lists that can be found @ until this is fixed]

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3 Responses to “TF2 Server Blacklisting Tool / List – Get rid of all those fake client servers”

  1. Pebr Says:

    Hey, just saw this. Yeh, the generation isn’t working. I know what the issue is and i’ll fix it at some point soon. Currently, whatever you select will just generate a list of every server in the database. I disabled the button so no-one tries to use it.

    Thanks for posting about the site too. It would be nice if more people knew about this and used it. However, my server list looks very clean now and i think 90% of the troublesome servers have been added already.

  2. Pebr Says:

    Fixed the custom list generation.

  3. Jeffrey S. Says:

    That other link is broken too! Now it’s just a search page / parked domain!

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