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Scream Fortress 2013 Update

Posted on: October 29th, 2013 by Obey

Don’t forget Steam’s “Halloween Sale 2013″!

“Scream Fortress 2013″ runs from Tuesday, October 29th through Monday, November 11th. During that time, players are invited to play on a reskinned Hightower map, but now with spells. When one side wins, everyone goes to a “Hell” where you race to Skull Island for a hat. The side that won has buffed health during this run, and players that die become ghosts to hinder the others for surviving, ending only when one side is eliminated completely. (TF2 could also be counting whether Red or Blue wins more often, similar to the Soldier vs. Demo update a few years back… who knows?)

You must launch the TF2 game during this window in order to (immediately) receive an accessory that will allow you to equip spells, much like the Canteen for MvM. This accessory is called the “Spellbook Magazine”. An in-game reminder will ask you if you want to equip the Spellbook Magazine if you join the new Halloween Map… Helltower!!

November 1st mini-patch:

  • Fixed server crashes caused by players becoming ghosts in Hell, spellbooks and switching weapons
  • Updated the Crusader’s Crossbow:
    • Fixed an exploit related to switching weapons
    • Reduced damage/healing on target to 50 per hit from 75
    • Reload time reduced to 1.5 seconds from 3 seconds

Scream Fortress changes:

  •  Added new Halloween Map “Helltower”: plr_hightower_event
    • It is a reskin of the payload race map Hightower, at nighttime, with a giant clocktower
  • Spells can be found by pushing the cart, killing enemies, and during the Witching Hour (?)
  • The Clocktower contains powerful magic during the Witching Hour (?)
  • Added over 100 Halloween tagged items from the TF2 Workshop
    • Probably all of these items are cosmetics
  • Added Spooky Crate #74 to the drop list
    • See below for a probable drop list! [EDIT: Now with pictures and leaks to the wiki!]
    • Assumed to disappear at the end of the day of November 11th
  • Added Spooky Key to Mann Co. Store (purchasable for US$2.49)
    • After November 11th, they turn into normal Crate Keys.
  • Added Transmogrifier tool items for each class
    • Found rarely in the Haunted Halloween Gifts on Halloween event maps
    • This tool item will convert one Halloween-themed cosmetic item into another random one, but from the available list of cosmetics for that class
    • For example, a Soldier Transmogrifier may turn the Pyro’s Corpsemopolitan into a Soldier’s Freedom Feathers
  • Added the tool item Enchantment: Eternaween

    • This one-use tool item will allow the entire server to enable Halloween/Full Moon items, for a “short time”
    • Can also be uncrated (from Spooky Crate #74) in Haunted quality
  • Enabled Halloween even maps in quick play
  • Enabled Halloween gifts on Halloween event maps
    • Like last year, standard item drops have been disabled. Again, this should revert to normal on November 12th.
    • Instead, a gift “just for you” appears on the map that only you can see and obtain. You must join the game and have your character touch the gift in-game to obtain the item drop–which is usually a Halloween costume piece, Halloween spell potion, or other item.
  • Re-enabled last year’s Halloween Spell Potions
    • The footprint effects, paint effects, weapon effects and vocal effects were all cosmetic in nature.
    • Once again, they should disappear from your inventory at the end of November 11th.
  • Enabled MvM event map “Wave 666″ in Boot Camp mode only.
    • Due to an earlier patch, the map name is mvm_ghost_town.
    • There is still no reward for completing the single mission, “Caliginous Caper”.
  • New Halloween-themed Unusual Effects
    • Unusuals uncrated from any crate may now have a Halloween-themed Unusual Effect, instead of the standard Unusual Effects available
  • Haunted quality items can now be listed on the Steam Marketplace

Other TF2 Changes

  • koth_lakeside_event AKA Ghost Fort
    • Merasmus’s health has been lowered an unknown amount.
  • Medic’s Crusader Crossbow now silently reloads when unreadied, similar to the Flare Gun for the Pyro
    • See more changes above in the November 1st repatch
  • “Fixed” the charge rate for the Bazaar Bargain at zero heads
    • Not sure is this means it correctly charges at -40%, or was changed back to -20%, or something else.
  • Medics can now see the clip status of a patient’s active weapon IN ALL GAME MODES now !
  • Bugfixes:
    • Updated “The Air Raider” so it can be painted correctly.
    • Updated “The Bone Dome” so it doesn’t hide Pyro backpack cosmetics.
    • Strange Part: Kills While Ubercharged can no longer be applied to Strange Equalizers and Strange Escape Plans.
    • Fixed the backpack panel from using the wrong drop sound when items are moved around.
    • Fixed an exploit allowing unlimited uses of noisemaker items
    • Fixed not being able to earn the Brotherhood of Steel MvM achievement
    • Fixed the camera target not always being visible whe using the replay editor
  • Lots of VR changes, including:
    • Removing the IPD calibration tool (using the Oculus config file instead)
    • Added the ability to switch in and our of VR mode without quitting the game
    • VR mode will now run in full screen by default
    • Added support for VR mode on Linux

Over 100 New Cosmetic Items!

While all of these hats and accessories might be getting old-hat for some (no doubt like some of my puns), there is certainly a dizzyingly large number of cosmetics. Here is an alphabetized stack of links to all of these items’ individual pages on the Official TF2 Wiki, unless I get them more organized later.

Note: Some of these items are hats, some are costume parts, some are head replacement parts, and others are just accessories that go elsewhere on your character. But all of them are created by the Workshop Community–and all of them are purchasable for the same price of US$2.49 (for now, anyway)! You may wish to buy a desired item straight from the store, than buying a key, especially once the crates disappear.

Abhorrent Appendages, Accursed Apparition, Alternative Medicine Mann, Archimedes the Undying, Baphomet Trotters, Beacon from Beyond, Beast From Below, Birdie Bonnet, Bountiful Bow, Bozo’s Bouffant, Bozo’s Brogues, Burny’s Boney Bonnet, Cadaver’s Capper, Candleer, Candyman’s Cap, ‎Cap’n Calamari, Carious Chameleon, Carrion Companion, Cauterizer’s Caudal Appendage, Chicken Kiev, Corpsemopolitan, Creature From The Heap, Crispy Golden Locks, Cryptic Keepsake, Dark Helm, Das Blutliebhaber, Death Support Pack, Ethereal Hood, External Organ, Face Plante, Faun Feet, Faux Manchu, Foul Cowl, Freedom Feathers, Glob, Gothic Guise, Grease Monkey, Grisly Gumbo, Grub Grenades, Guano, Hallowed Headcase, Halloweiner, Handhunter, Hardium Helm, Hard-Headed Hardware, Haunted Hat, Headtaker’s Hood, Hidden Dragon, Hollowhead, Horned Honcho, Horrific Head of Hare, Horsemann’s Hand-Me-Down, Hound’s Hood, Hyperbaric Bowler, Ivan The Inedible, Jupiter Jumpers, Larval Lid, Last Bite, Lieutenant Bites the Dust, Lo-Grav Loafers, Lordly Lapels, Macabre Mask, Magical Mercenary, Maniac’s Manacles, Manneater, Mann-Bird of Aberdeen, Medimedes, Monster’s Stompers, Monstrous Mandible, Mucous Membrain, One-Way Ticket, Parasight, Pin Pals, Pocket Horsemann, Polly Putrid, PY-40 Incinibot, Quoth, Ramses’ Regalia, Raven’s Visage, Rugged Respirator, Sackcloth Spook, Scorched Skirt, Second Opinion, Shaman’s Skull, Shaolin Sash, Sir Shootsalot, Snaggletoothed Stetson, Space Bracers, Spectralnaut, Spellbinder’s Bonnet, Sprinting Cephalopod, Squid’s Lid, Surgeon’s Space Suit, Terrier Trousers, Teutonkahmun, Transylvania Top, Trepanabotomizer, Tuque or Treat, Unidentified Following Object, Up Pyroscopes, Vicar’s Vestments, Vicious Visage

Here are the contents of Crate #74, complete with pictures:

Item icon Halloweiner.png Item icon Horrific Head of Hare.png Item icon Hound's Hood.png Item icon Face Plante.png Item icon Faun Feet.png Item icon Sprinting Cephalopod.png
Halloweiner Horrific Head of Hare Hound’s Hood Face Plante Faun Feet Sprinting Cephalopod
Item icon Terrier Trousers.png Item icon Cadaver's Capper.png Item icon Freedom Feathers.png Item icon Hardium Helm.png Item icon Hidden Dragon.png Item icon Larval Lid.png
Terrier Trousers Cadaver’s Capper Freedom Feathers Hardium Helm Hidden Dragon Larval Lid
Item icon Spellbinder's Bonnet.png Item icon Faux Manchu.png Item icon Grub Grenades.png Item icon Jupiter Jumpers.png Item icon Lieutenant Bites the Dust.png Item icon Shaolin Sash.png
Spellbinder’s Bonnet Faux Manchu Grub grenades Jupiter Jumpers Lieutenant Bites the Dust Shaolin Sash
Item icon Space Bracers.png Item icon Bozo's Bouffant.png Item icon Burny's Boney Bonnet.png Item icon Corpsemopolitan.png Item icon Crispy Golden Locks.png Item icon Gothic Guise.png
Space Bracers Bozo’s Bouffant Burny’s Boney Bonnet Corpsemopolitan Crispy Golden Locks Gothic Guise
Item icon Macabre Mask.png Item icon Mucous Membrain.png Item icon Raven's Visage.png Item icon Spectralnaut.png Item icon Abhorrent Appendages.png Item icon Beast From Below.png
Macabre Mask Mucous Membrain Raven’s Visage Spectralnaut Abhorrent Appendages Beast from Below
Item icon Carrion Companion.png Item icon Cauterizer's Caudal Appendage.png Item icon Creature From The Heap.png Item icon Death Support Pack.png Item icon External Organ.png Item icon Glob.png
Carrion Companion Cauterizer’s Caudal Appendage Creature From The Heap Death Support Pack External Organ Glob
Item icon Grisly Gumbo.png Item icon Handhunter.png Item icon Hard-Headed Hardware.png Item icon Hollowhead.png Item icon Maniac's Manacles.png Item icon Monster's Stompers.png
Grisly Gumbo Handhunter Hard-Headed Hardware Hollowhead Maniac’s Manacles Monster’s Stompers
Item icon PY-40 Incinibot.png Item icon Rugged Respirator.png Item icon Scorched Skirt.png Item icon Up Pyroscopes.png Item icon Vicious Visage.png Item icon Headtaker's Hood.png
PY-40 Incinibot Rugged Respirator Scorched Skirt Up Pyroscopes Vicious Visage Headtaker’s Hood
Item icon Mann-Bird of Aberdeen.png Item icon Squid's Lid.png Item icon Transylvania Top.png Item icon Cap'n Calamari.png Item icon Horsemann's Hand-Me-Down.png Item icon Lordly Lapels.png
Mann-Bird of Aberdeen Squid’s Lid Transylvania Top Cap’n Calamari Horsemann’s Hand-Me-Down Lordly Lapels
Item icon Parasight.png Item icon Polly Putrid.png Item icon Chicken Kiev.png Item icon Horned Honcho.png Item icon Ivan The Inedible.png Item icon Last Bite.png
Parasight Polly Putrid Chicken Kiev Horned Honcho Ivan The Inedible Last Bite
Item icon Monstrous Mandible.png Item icon Grease Monkey.png Item icon Alternative Medicine Mann.png Item icon Das Blutliebhaber.png Item icon Medimedes.png Item icon Shaman's Skull.png
Monstrous Mandible Grease Monkey Alternative Medicine Mann Das Blutliebhaber Medimedes Shaman’s Skull
Item icon Teutonkahmun.png Item icon Trepanabotomizer.png Item icon Archimedes the Undying.png Item icon Lo-Grav Loafers.png Item icon Ramses' Regalia.png Item icon Second Opinion.png
Teutonkahmun Trepanabotomizer Archimedes the Undying Lo-Grav Loafers Ramses’ Regalia Second Opinion
Item icon Surgeon's Space Suit.png Item icon Vicar's Vestments.png Item icon Hallowed Headcase.png Item icon Sir Shootsalot.png Item icon Carious Chameleon.png Item icon Hyperbaric Bowler.png
Surgeon’s Space Suit Vicar’s Vestments Hallowed Headcase Sir Shootsalot Carious Chameleon Hyperbaric Bowler
Item icon Candyman's Cap.png Item icon Bountiful Bow.png Item icon Bozo's Brogues.png Item icon Foul Cowl.png Item icon Baphomet Trotters.png Item icon Candleer.png
Candyman’s Cap Bountiful Bow Bozo’s Brogues Foul Cowl Baphomet Trotters Candleer
Item icon Pin Pals.png Item icon Snaggletoothed Stetson.png Item icon Ethereal Hood.png Item icon Birdie Bonnet.png Item icon Dark Helm.png Item icon Haunted Hat.png
Pin Pals Snaggletoothed Stetson Ethereal Hood Birdie Bonnet Dark Helm Haunted Hat
Item icon Magical Mercenary.png Item icon Manneater.png Item icon One-Way Ticket.png Item icon Tuque or Treat.png Item icon Accursed Apparition.png Item icon Beacon from Beyond.png
Magical Mercenary Manneater One-Way Ticket Tuque or Treat Accursed Apparition Beacon from Beyond
Item icon Cryptic Keepsake.png Item icon Guano.png Item icon Pocket Horsemann.png Item icon Quoth.png Item icon Sackcloth Spook.png Item icon Unidentified Following Object.png
Cryptic Keepsake Guano Pocket Horsemann Quoth Sackcloth Spook Unidentified Following Object


Also Note: All of these items are droppable (in-game present, and perhaps by usual drops after November 11th). Most are paintable, and all are renamable, tradable and giftable.

[N] Obey


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