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I like to move it move it – yet another ip dance

Posted on: October 15th, 2008 by Newbs Staff

So yesterday there was quite a bit of lag on #4, after being alerted I hopped on and saw that indeed, lerp was going into the yellow or orange, the color is hard to tell on my screen. Anyways, I contacted the hosting provider and they offered me a solution, move to a newer better machine on a faster connection. YAY! But wait…. You have to change ips (again). :( Sad Cakes for all.

So, I could choose between keeping the ip:port we have, and get reports of lag that I can’t do much with (except open a ticket) and all they’ll tell me to do is move, OR get to start from scratch as far as favorites/history goes and try to advertise the new site.

I chose the new machine. But, I had a really GOOD idea. Rather then wait until some future date where it became a problem, I also asked that they also move #7 (since so far it hasn’t got a huge following). They graciously did, and even left the other ones up for the night so I can try to tell the users whats up. I thought this was very nice of them.

So what does this mean to you? It just means that we all need to add the two newer machines to your favorites, the previous #4 and #7 go byebye tonight/tomorrow so better to be prepared, then to be like ‘wtf – where everyone go?’.

The new addresses are: Newbs TF2 #4 (24/7 2Fort) [Octo-land] Newbs TF2 #7 (Rotation) _NOCRIT_ [Devil Link]

Hopefully they stay at these new addresses for a long time, because I for one am tired of having to beg people to change to a different server, or to ask them to favorite new servers. =)

Oh, in other news #1, #2, and #3 may or may not be going away, I thought they were dead dead, but then it got postponed, and now may have been completely taken off of the table. Be aware that those machines do sometimes get a little laggy, but they do have a solid following so they do fill up quickly.

Oh, also I’ve been keeping track of which people start up servers, so don’t think your efforts are going unnoticed, I’m just saving up kudos to unleash all at once.


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2 Responses to “I like to move it move it – yet another ip dance”

  1. Andy Says:

    Nice work octo, thanks for dedicating so much of your spare time to the servers.

  2. psychonic Says:

    octo is teh man!

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