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Just a few FYIs

Posted on: March 18th, 2014 by Obey
  1. |N| Octo reset the HLstats today. Time to go re-establish your dominance on your favorite Newbs server!
  2. Here is an updated list of TF2Newbs admins, and here too.
  3. {N} Crap wants everyone to know that image posts in the chatrooms intended to suddenly shock/gross out people will be considered trolling, and thus a bannable offense.
  4. Some Newbs have been the targets of phishing (hackers trying to take your items and/or infect your computer with viruses, etc.). Most of these messages have some form of the following: “My friend tried to trade an unusual with you, but can’t. So trade me here [link].” Report these by posting on this Newbs thread.
  5. Diablo 3 has launched its first expansion, “Reaper of Souls”, and a number of Newbs members (myself included) have taken up the game and started their own group and forum thread. Keep in mind that Diablo 3 is not a Steam game, but a game, which runs its own separate client program, but the two clients play well enough that you can alt+tab into the Newbs 2Fort chatroom while you’re playing a game. Oh, and Diablo 3 is only $19.99 until March 23rd…!
  6. For you frequent customers, now you can automatically give to a charity of your choice with each purchase; see here.

[N] Obey

One Response to “Just a few FYIs”

  1. Nuunsa Says:

    Stats are reset? Awesome! Now everyone gets a chance at first place rankings! Go get ‘em everyone!

    Also, I’m gonna talk to Octo and see if he’ll let me hold up a prize for whoever can earn the most points by a specific date. Keep your eyes on the forums for more info.


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