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I can see your halo halo… TF2 Players Who Didn’t Idle Get a FREE hat, the ‘Halo’

Posted on: September 2nd, 2009 by octo dhd

Today it was announced that all items/drops that were earned by players while using an idler will soon be removed, and that all players that didn’t ever idle will soon be rewarded with a new hat. Since most the people I knew idled, I thought I’d go ahead and post some shots of what the halo looks like:

Be sure to check out the TF2 Newbs servers, all server starters (first six players on any server) are rewarded with the ability to wear any in game hat (including the halo!)

Update: The halo’s proper name is ‘Aura of Incorruptibility’

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11 Responses to “I can see your halo halo… TF2 Players Who Didn’t Idle Get a FREE hat, the ‘Halo’”

  1. Asshats Says:


  2. zach Says:

    fuck valve

  3. Ggglygy Says:


  4. Tomzo Says:

    Atleast Valve is finally giving out hats for players who DO something. Not the retarded BS of handing out things randomly for no reason what so ever.

  5. Forte7 Says:

    It’s actually called the ‘Cheater’s Lament’ with a description of ‘Aura of Incorruptibility’. I just checked my items and I got one. ^^ Then again, I haven’t play much, if at all, in the last few months to idle. Haha.

  6. durrrr Says:

    Tomzo, it’s actually the exact opposite. It’s everyone but the players who DID something about having no hats.

  7. Jeff Says:

    :D *Died a little on the inside*

  8. Junkman Says:

    I can’t help but notice that all of those hats didn’t have the base hat on. That tells me octo used his hat mod to make those, which means he idled!!!! Bad Bad.

    *amazing powers of deduction*

  9. Hunter Says:

    I didnt idle but i never got this!!!!!!! >:(
    my steam is nickname is l4d2hunter

  10. jpest17 Says:

    what constitutes this idling program? if you are on an idle server does that count? or do you have to actually download and use a program?

  11. octo Says:

    the idler program was by drunken f00l, if you just idled in game they didn’t do anything to you.

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