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Firefall Beta video playlist. How to wield a hammer like a badass. Plus combat, resource gathering and Engineerclass ability action.

Posted on: April 6th, 2012 by mrbuttons

A combination of first person shooter and third person shooter with a level class system, missions, plenty of equipment and ability upgrades, along with resource gathering, crafting gear and pvp. This game has a lot going for itself but it still holding back on what they’ve been talking about. At least the NDA is lifted and I get to show you what they’ve got going on right now.

Character creation

Straight to the action with the engineer class! Think of thumpers like oil drill, except with an orbital drop machinery called a thumper, that sucks up the resources you find underneath the ground thanks to a scanning hammer that finds it. Then the fun behinds when the waves of bugs rush in to complain about the noise. :P


Tour of the starter city Copacabana. The older gamers will be getting a song stuck in their head soon. Showing off some of the vendors and the crafting system.



Showing off various menu functions, stations and npcs.

The Chosen are everywhere on the map. They have static spawns and random ones like this, where you you can get extra valuable resources while fighting off the Chosen. Sadly they were bugged and didn’t prove much of a fight, but the local wildlife did!

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