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Steam News: 10/27/13

Posted on: October 27th, 2013 by Obey

Worth knowing:

  1. TF2Newbs is starting up a volunteer Editorial Board
  2. Dota just got a really big patch
  3. Terraria just got another patch also

1. Join the TF2Newbs’ Editorial Board!

[N] Big Sexy and {N} Wolf have the blessing of |N| Octo to form a volunteer group of writers, artists, and activity planners. Since admins are usually busy with their admin duties and the rest of their lives, members of this group help to organize and run events, communicate goings-on to the group, post stuff to this blog, and otherwise keep the community as a whole informed and entertained.

So get in touch with one of them if you want to help out!

2. Dota patch 6.79

You can find all of the changes here, but I’ll list below the major changes from the 10/21/13 patch:

  • Day/night length reduced to 4 minutes from 6 minutes per phase
  • Non-Ancient neutrals now share XP with all heroes in the area, not just those on your team
  • Starting gold increased to 625 from 603
  • You now gain 1 gold every 0.6 seconds, up from every 0.8 seconds (that’s 25% more gold over the same amount of time)
  • Evasion now stacks diminishingly; each instance of evasion may not have grant its full bonus
  • The following heroes have been overhauled (or have more changes than the others): Axe, Broodmother, Dazzle, Disruptor, Lich, Skeleton King, Treant Protector, Venomancer, Warlock
  • Bloodseeker’s Thirst property has changed dramatically, including now having a global range
  • Tranquil Boots have been reworked, with higher passive regeneration

3. Terraria’s Halloween patch

“Wait, we just had a Terraria patch! There was a big long post about it a couple of weeks ago.”

That’s right–but it looks like Redigit isn’t done with Terraria yet. Now there’s Halloween content and some bugfixes, but the Halloween content only lasts for a short time (unless you change your system’s date to coincide with Halloween before you create a world, I think). Here are some of the important changes:

  • Added Pumpkin, Hay, and Spooky Wood Tiles and Walls
  • Most monsters now drop Goodie Bags during Halloween, containing various items including costume parts
  • A special medallion summons a Pumpkin Moon event (PC only)
    • Requires a Mythril Anvil and Hallowed Bars to make
    • Killing more monsters during each wave increases the probability of Halloween loot to drop
    • Bug: Does not work during Rain
    • Bug: Can reoccur each night during multiplayer games; requires server restart to fix
  • Dryad now sells Pumpkin Seeds year round; Pumpkins naturally grow only in worlds created during Halloween
  • Hardmode ores and Lihzahrd Wall Blocks now show correctly on the map
  • Floaty Gross now causes weakness and can drop Vitamins
  • Vitamins is a new accessory (PC only!) that prevents weakness, and can be tinkered
  • Hardmode chests now have a much more difficult process in order to open them:
    • A key mold is now required, as well as a Temple Key, to create the proper key to open a single chest
    • The key molds are a 1-in-4000 drop (!!), in the hardmode biome that matches the chest
  • Crimson and Hallow now properly counteract each other, and Sunflowers now properly reduce Crimson’s growth
  • Added messages to help players progress in Hardmode

Oh, and expect at least one more Terraria patch: a final patch that will have lots of hardmode content and some kind of “endgame” has been repeatedly hinted at by Terraria’s creator, Redigit. Who knows when? Perhaps in time for Christmas.

[N] Obey



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