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Post-Halloween Patches: 11/6/14

Posted on: November 5th, 2014 by Obey

Hey Newbs! I hope you enjoyed the bumper cars, the second coming of the cap-camping Sniper and the aggressive sentry on the final point on Doomsday, and the new cosmetics.  I didn’t update for the October 30th patch, so I’m updating that patch with yesterday’s “apparently that was a bug” bugfixes.  Here’s the TL;DR version and the full patch notes.

Oh–and the Newbs are telling me that most hats are very bugged: lots of hats suspended in midair and lots of other after-death glitches.  Somebody needs to go fix the hats again….

[EDIT: Includes the 11/6/14 patch also.]

  1. Valve is asking its gamers to create promotional, classic “Tomb Raider” content.
  2. There is a new server ConVar setting to allow/disallow random critical hits for melee weapons.
  3. Updated the target reticle to move the health icon to just above the targeted figure, as opposed to the floating nameplate.
    • Added a ConVar to disable the reticle, so it goes back to the floating nameplate as before.
  4. The four promotional cosmetics for Alien: Isolation are now craftable, tradable and giftable.
  5. Updated the Necro Smasher so Strange Parts and Halloween Spells can be attached.
    • A Strange Necro Smasher is currently only possible via a Strangifier constructed via Chemisty Set.
  6. Updated the Rescue Ranger so other players do not block line-of-sight for its sentry distance pickup ability.
    • [EDIT: 11/6] Also fixed the Rescue Ranger picking up buildings through walls.
  7. Various bugfixes:
    • Fixed the Spycicle sometimes not giving the Spy the usual fire resistance.
    • Fixed standard knife stab to play correctly (and not the backstab animation) when crits are disabled.
    • Fixed disguise Spies not showing the correct health to enemies.
    • Fixed the Sniper getting stuck in a zoomed-in FOV after taunting while zooming.
    • Fixed Helltower having the same spell drop list as Carnival of Carnage.
    • Updated Merasmus’s curses to remove all projectiles and empties sentries of ammo whenever players are teleported to the main point of the map.
    • [EDIT: 11/6] Fixed sentries having ammo when still being constructed during Merasmus’s curse.
    • Diasbled server auto-balances during end-of-round minigames.



10/30/14 Patch Notes

  • Fixed a dedicated server crash related to the new map sd_doomsday_event and server-wide curses
  • Fixed Blue team hearing the win audio instead of the lose audio when Red gets the tickets to the Strongmann machine
  • Fixed grenade projectiles doing more damage than expected
  • Fixed players changing team to respawn outside of their cart while playing a minigame
  • Fixed players being able to use the Eureka effect while in their bumper car
  • Fixed a bug that let Engineers move faster while carrying a building
  • Fixed the Spycicle not giving the Spy fire resistance
  • Fixed The Manngaroo itemset including the wrong item
  • Updated the equip_region for the Vaccinator and Quick-Fix
  • Fixed a bug where players would not get a kill credit for turning another player in to a ghost
  • Updated player ghosts to always use team color
  • Updated the new TargetID system
    • Added Advance Option and ConVar to disable floating health icon (tf_hud_target_id_disable_floating_health)
    • Added Advance Option to control the alpha of TargetID nameplate
    • Fixed not showing for disguised enemy Spies
    • Fixed showing the health of cloaked Spies
    • Fixed not hiding the panel when players are no longer visible
  • Added ConVar tf_weapon_criticals_melee to control whether melee weapons have random crits. Works separately from tf_weapon_criticals.
  • Fixed the knife not playing its backstab animation when crits are disabled
  • Fixed round-end crits not working when tf_weapon_criticals is set to zero
  • Updated sd_doomsday_event
    • Added spell pickups near the ticket case spawn
    • Reduced mega spell respawn time from 90 seconds to 45 seconds
    • Fixed curses occurring in bumper car minigames
    • Fixed players being able to boost their bumper cars early
    • Increased the damage that bumper cars receive from collisions
    • Players can no longer suicide when in a Bumper Car
    • Replaced large ammo kits near the Strongmann machine with spells
    • Reduced ammo kit size on the bridge from full to medium
    • Updated HHH to use a giant Necro Smasher when attacking players
    • Platform game:
      • Fixed Merasmus giving instructions in the platform game when it gets to the final platform
      • Center tent pole now vanishes when the final platform is reached
    • Soccer game:
      • Added HHH, spawns 45 seconds into the match
    • Duck game:
      • Increased max score to 200

Undocumented Changes


11/4/14 Patch Notes

Undocumented Changes

11/6/14 Patch Notes

[N] Obey

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