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Stats Contests for Week of June 6-12

Posted on: June 8th, 2016 by Obey

Don’t forget: There are three weekly stats contests each week, counting the stats from all TF2Newbs’ 2Fort servers. Winner gets a KEY for owning the highest spot for that stat each week. Contests change every week.

Bullet Buzz

Here’s the 2Fort Stat Contests running thru June 12th:

  • “Garden Graves Dug”: most Market Gardener kills
  • “Samurai Swipe”: most Half-Zatoichi kills
  • “The Short Circuit”: most Short Circuit (!!) kills

Click here to check the stats; note that these stats are measured over an entire week and not just one day. Ignore any admi{N}s as they aren’t eligible for prizes. Check back on Monday for next week’s stats contests too!

Read the forum post for more info.  Happy killing!


[N] Obey

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