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Steam Sale Tomorrow!

Posted on: June 22nd, 2016 by Obey

The two-week-long Steam Summer Sale starts tomorrow! If you’re getting bored of what you’re playing, get ready to get broke buying more games!!

Oh, and there will be another major TF2 patch… possibly soon! Some ambiguous internal system changes were made to prepare TF2 for this patch. Who knows, it could happen during the sale! We’ll see….


NOTE: Valve’s TF2┬áservers changed configurations this afternoon. Some servers are now “Matchmaking” servers; some are “Maintenance” servers. Some servers now have an increased, 32-player limit, while others still have the usual 24-player limit.

[Update: As of 6:30pm today, TF2Newbs servers "updated" to the wrong maps, mostly MvM Boot Camp maps, probably due to Valve's changing things around. We're letting the Head Octopus know....]

[Update: About an hour later, all servers except #23 were fixed. Just some bamboozling that Valve did with the servers.]

[N] Obey

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