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TF2 Patch Update: 2/11/15

Posted on: February 11th, 2015 by Obey

Oh look, a patch!  (I’ve also attach the small patch from several weeks ago.) It is mostly bugfixes, but below are the significant changes:

  1. Removed Naughty and Nice 2014 Winter Crates, and added Crates #90 and #91 (see below for drop list).
    • New Strange Weapons: Cow Mangler 5000, Third Degree, Winger, AWPer Hand
    • Crate #90 is Strange Weapons, Strange Parts, and Hats.
    • Crate #91 is 99% Killstreak Kits.
  2. Fixed a “bug” so that the Heavy can now switch weapons while a minigun weapon is spinning down.
    • Expect Heavies to quickly switch to a shotgun, lunchbox item, or fist weapon.
  3. Fixed a bug where a Dimaondback-wielding spy stacking saved critical hits by backstabbing invulnerable targets.
  4. Some item sounds have been updated, including axe hits, sword hits, and fixed the Panic Attack using the wrong sound for crits.


Crate #90:

Cow Mangler 5000 StrangifierCow Mangler 5000 Strangifier
9 .90%
Third Degree StrangifierThird Degree Strangifier
9 .90%
9 .90%
Strange Part Not Crit nor MiniCrit KillsStrange Part: Not-Critical Kills
9 .90%
Strange Part Player HitsStrange Part: Player Hits
9 .90%
Strange Cosmetic Part AssistsStrange Cosmetic Part: Assists
9 .90%
Texas Ten GallonTexas Ten Gallon
9 .90%
Frenchman's BeretFrenchman’s Beret
9 .90%
AWPer HandAWPer Hand
9 .90%
Ullapool CaberUllapool Caber
9 .90%
or an Exceedingly Rare Special Item!
1 .00%

Crate #91:

Flare Gun Killstreak KitFlare Gun Killstreak Kit
11 .00%
Wrench Killstreak KitWrench Killstreak Kit
11 .00%
Revolver Killstreak KitRevolver Killstreak Kit
11 .00%
Machina Killstreak KitMachina Killstreak Kit
11 .00%
Baby Face's Blaster Killstreak KitBaby Face’s Blaster Killstreak Kit
11 .00%
Huo-Long Heater Killstreak KitHuo-Long Heater Killstreak Kit
11 .00%
Loose Cannon Killstreak KitLoose Cannon Killstreak Kit
11 .00%
Vaccinator Killstreak KitVaccinator Heater Killstreak Kit
11 .00%
Air Strike Killstreak KitAir Strike Heater Killstreak Kit
11 .00%
or an Exceedingly Rare Special Item!
1 .00%


Full Patch Notes: 2/11/15

  • Added Crate #90 and Crate #91 to the drop list
  • Removed Naughty Winter Crate 2014 and Nice Winter Crate 2014 from the drop list
  • Added convar sv_rcon_whitelist_address. Rcon clients failing to auth from the specified IP address will never get banned.
  • Added convar r_drawtracers_firstperson to disable the drawing of first person bullet tracer particles
  • Added “redirect” client command that can be used to send clients to a different server. Does not function for clients that came from matchmaking or certain server browser tabs.
  • Fixed an exploit related to the “connect” command allowing servers to redirect clients when they should not be able to
  • Fixed a client crash related to extreme viewmodel_fov settings
    • The viewmodel_fov convar is now clamped to valid values. Users who were using this to hide the viewmodel and tracers should use r_drawtracers_firstperson 0 and r_drawviewmodel 0 to achieve the same effect.
  • Fixed missing Killstreak sheen effects for the Iron Bomber
  • Fixed the Explosive Headshot upgrade in Mann vs. Machine not applying to The Classic
  • Fixed the Panic Attack not using the correct sound for crits
  • Fixed The Peacenik’s Ponytail not using the correct team skins
  • Fixed not being able to switch away from the Minigun while spinning down
  • Fixed not being able to deliver wrapped Giftapult packages
  • Fixed The Classic zooming-in when the Sniper teleports while charging a shot
  • Fixed The Bootenkhamuns not hiding the correct bodygroup when equipped
  • Fixed the Diamondback accumulating crits for backstabbing invuln players
  • Fixed players not receiving timed drops when running the game in Ukrainian
  • Updated weapons sounds for the axe_hit, blade_hit, and cbar_hit sound effects
  • Updated the equip_region for the Brimstone
  • Updated Mann Co. Store prices for foreign currencies to current USD equivalents
  • Updated the localization files
  • Mannpower mode changes:
    • Fixed bug that sometimes caused two intel briefcases to spawn
    • Reduced capture trigger size to match capture area on CTF_Gorge
    • Powerup changes:
      • Haste: Doubles the Medigun‘s ubercharge build up speed
      • Vampire: Reduced health leeched when using the Flamethrower and Minigun



Full Patch Notes: 1/27/15

  • Fixed a client crash related to Spies disguising as players and then switching their disguise weapon
  • Fixed a bug related to overhead icons disappearing (Nemesis, Dueling Partner, Powerups, Coach/Student)
  • Fixed wrapped Giftapult packages not having the “Deliver Gift” option in the context menu
  • Fixed some taunt sound effects that were clipping the character lines
  • Fixed a bug with Dead Ringer cloak meter being lowered to 40% after Super Armor duration ends when cloak was extended via pickups or the L’Etranger
  • Removed the promo restrictions from the Brimstone
  • Added TF2Connexion Season 14 tournament medals
  • Updated the localization files
  • Mannpower mode changes:
    • New temporary powerupUber. Respawns at 1/3rd the speed of Crit powerup
    • Fixed some bugs that would cause powerups to stop spawning[1]
    • Fixed the Action Slot key behaving different for the grapple hook depending on the setting for hud_fastswitch
    • Powerup changes:
      • Vampire: Flamethrower and Minigun return 80% of damage back as health instead of 100%
      • Warlock: Added 25% damage resistance. 100% of sentry damage is now reflected back to the sentry
      • Vampire and Warlock max health buffs are now additive (+80hp and +100hp) instead of multiplicative (x1.4 and x1.5)
      • Haste: Sticky bomb arm time reduced
      • Precision and Haste: Sniper rifles now have quicker damage ramp-up and re-zoom after shooting
      • Precision: Sniper rifles now have double damage. Increased blast weapon clip size by 50%
    • Scoring Support
      • Capture flag: +20 points
      • Return team flag: +4 points
      • Kill an enemy who is carrying a powerup: +1 point
    • Flag mechanics
      • Captured flags now take 12 seconds to re-emerge from the ground so they can’t be stolen again right away


This change also has the effect that, if a map manually applies the powerup conditions to a player, they drop a powerup on death whether they initially picked one up or not.

[N] Obey