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ME3 multiplayer classes: The Krogan Soldier, Notch’s new plans, Depth, cupcakes and more!

Posted on: March 29th, 2012 by mrbuttons

As per a viewers request I went with the Krogan Soldier. At first I didn’t like it but after some practice I found this class to be pretty damn badass, especially once you get the heavy melee timing right since the Krogans are the only one’s who charge while doing so. The trick I find to a successful Krogan class is to focus on the melee and health/shields upgrades in order to cause maximum damage while in close quarters combat. Though be wary about the stronger units as most of them have one-hit kill animations if you dare face them from the front and while they’re ready.

I also briefly talk about other games that I’ve been reading about. Shared the links below for those who’re interested. Also here’s some new info on the next special N7 multiplayer mission:

The Reaper horde is growing, so we must as well. Effective military strength needs to increase, and veterans must train conscripts so that they, in turn, can train others.

Allied Goal: Promote 150,000 characters. Victory Packs awarded to all players upon successful completion.
Individual Goal: Promote 2 characters. Commendation Pack awarded to individual players upon successful completion.

Commendation Packs will be awarded to individual soldiers who complete their training, and a Victory Pack will be awarded to everyone if the Allied Goal is achieved. Packs will be available to download the following week. Please note that participants need to set “Upload Gameplay Feedback” to “on” in the online options to be able to participate in Operation RAPTOR.

*Some restrictions may still apply, Operation Raptor is not open in all regions. PlayStation 3 eligibility will be determined as soon as possible.


Jib&Koans February Contest for #8 [New York]!!!

Posted on: January 28th, 2009 by The Jib

That’s right, TF2 Newbs is comin’ at you live with another contest in which you get the opportunity to gain fame, fortune, and the first run of some TF2 Newbs Gear.

What it is:

A contest of wits, skill, and teamwork to be taking place on Server #8 [New York]

Starting February 2nd HLX Stats WITH A TWIST will start to be tabulated. The Contest will run until Saturday February 28th in which the winners will be announced.

How Does it Work?:
Rather than going strictly off of the standard ‘points earned’ from our stats, we decided to make our own NEWB Equation of what we find to be important in a solid overall player. There will be 5 or 6 stats plugged into an equation which equates to NEWB POINTS.

Newb Points? What the…:
Easssy eassy.. I know what you’re thinking. “But Jib, I’m a solid overall team player, who makes an honorable difference on my team.. But I’ll have no chance winning this versus the stat whores”

WRONG… and here’s why. Our specially formulated NEWB Equation is designed to find the best overall players, not the whores. We can’t give away the details but I can tell you uberwanking won’t save you, overall points will be considered, and time on the server is a factor. Beyond that we’ll leave it a mystery to promote solid play.

Oh yea. you know it. Top 3 places will be awarded our first run of OFFICIAL TF2 NEWBS TSHIRTS. These are a special one time design that cannot be purchased, or replicated. (Compliments of Jib)

In addition to the gear, First place will be awarded their choice of an EA game! Koans will be posting a list of donated titles to choose from.

What now?!
The only requirement for this contest is that you’re a member of our forums! Once that’s in check get your self on the server and get to work! Keep in mind the objectives of TF2, don’t be a whore and most of all have FUN. #8 [Octo New York]:
Forum thread


Fine print:
Admins are not allowed to win, and previous contest winners cannot take first place. Void where prohibited.