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Patchapalooza: 2/19/14

Posted on: February 19th, 2014 by Obey

All servers have been patched.

Here’s the short version:

  1. The Steam Client patched today
    • Added IP server tracking to Favorites, in case they change IP addresses
  2. Team Fortress 2 patched today
    • Four new promo cosmetics; pictures below
    • Fortified Compound (the new bow) now available; see below
  3. Terraria patched yesterday: mostly bugfixes
    • (Added Feb 20) Hinted that the next major patch is being dubbed the “Lunar Patch”
  4. Announced: the “Free to Play” movie release, and it’s “Free to Play Competitor’s Pack”


1. Steam Client Patchnotes:


  • Fixed “App already running” error when re-launching app in some cases
  • Fixed some cases where the Uninstall progress dialog could stick around forever
  • Added more UI feedback to the login dialog if Steam needs to download account data
  • Added a Show Password option in Big Picture mode to simplify password entry when using a controller
  • Added IP tracking to game server favorites. Favorites will automatically update to new server IP addresses if the game server is using a persistent account
  • Disabled Family Sharing in Offline mode


  • Fixed bug forcing Japanese text input to hiragana mode on focus change
  • Fixed repeated crashing in GameOverlayUI.exe when running as Administrator

Linux / SteamOS

  • Added an auto-detect step for audio outputs when booting SteamOS for the first time. You can change the selected output device using the Audio option under settings
  • Added under/overscan and brightness settings to the initial SteamOS startup UI
  • Added support for selecting your sound input device on SteamOS (for voice chats)
  • Fixed device volume not being reset to 100% when changing audio device outputs
  • Improved the error messages when Steam is unable to adjust system Audio settings from within Big Picture mode
  • Updated the Steam Runtime libraries

Mac OS X

  • Fixed launch issues for certain games using non-standard memory allocation routines


2. Team Fortress 2 Patchnotes

  • Fortified Compound is now available
    • Awarded in Genuine quality to players who pre-purchase Thief before February 25, 2014.
    • The Sniper bow is currently uncraftable, unpainable, and untradable.
    • The game’s base price is $49.99; the pre-order is on sale for $44.99, with the “Master Thief Pack” that contains digital art/comic content, soundtrack, and in-game consumables.
  • Added new promo items: Baronial Bouncer, Cutthroat’s Cloak, Dread Hiding Hood, Garrett Badge
    • Also awarded in Genuine quality to players who pre-purchase Thief before February 25, 2014.
    • All four items are currently uncraftable, unpaintable, and untradable
    • They are not yet available; they are themed for the above Thief game.
    • Baronial Bouncer: Soldier hat
      • Baronial_Bouncer
    • Cutthroat’s Cloak: Sniper accessory
      • Cutthroat's_Cloak
    • Dread Riding Hood: Sniper hood/facemask
      • Dread_Hiding_Hood
    • Garrett Badge: All-class cosmetic badge
      • Garrett_Badge
  • Fixed a client crash caused by trying to load an invalid URL
  • Fixed Medigun particle beams not always appearing while healing players in DirectX 8
  • Fixed a case where clients would hear/see crit effects when their attack was not a crit
  • Fixed the Carbonado Botkiller Minigun using the incorrect material for the Minigun
  • Fixed a Mann vs. Machine bug related to upgrades after a retry/reconnect
  • Updated the Unarmed Combat to add the item_type description
  • Updated sv_pure so client will detect corrupt or modified VPK files
    • Use Steam to verify local cache to fix corrupt files
    • Use the custom folder to customize the game
  • Item server stability:
    • Improved performance when manipulating multiple items at the same time (claiming multiple item drops, etc.)
    • Improved performance fetching persona names for item descriptions (gifted by, etc.)
    • Improved performance generating Steam Community Market data for item tooltips


3. Terraria Patchnotes for

Balance Changes:

  • Spectre Hood doesn’t increase mana usage anymore.
  • Made it slightly easier to advance in frostmoon waves.
  • Made several frostmoon monsters shoot slower and do less damage.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug with a naked arm drawing over some vanity shirts.
  • Fixed bug where Autopause played bad with Chest renaming (and sign editing a bit).
  • Fixed bug where Brick Layer and Cement Mixer were not reducing stack quantities when placing items.
  • Fixed bug where prefixes were not getting set properly on a world load.
  • Fixed bug where coins would disappear during Quick Stack.
  • Fixed an exploit where you could duplicate coins with Quick Stack.
  • Fixed crashes when starting the dedicated server in a language other than English.
  • Fixed an issue where Team Dyes were causing crashes when used with Capes.
  • Fixed a bug where the map was drawing Fireblossom wrong.
  • Fixed a bug where the map was showing Water Candle as Band of Regeneration.
  • Fixed bug that was causing maps from older versions to erase.
  • Fixed a bug where Chests could not be placed on 2×1 tiles. There had to be a solid tile to the right of the chest to place it.
  • Fixed several typos.
  • Fixed bug where in-game options Map Control section wasn’t blocking input like the regular controls.
  • Fixed bug where Hardcore characters couldn’t open the menu after death.
  • Fixed bug where opening a chest with a sign open would lock the inventory.
  • Fixed bug where stylist had a hole in her selling list if you didn’t meet a requirement.
  • Fixed bug where Magnet Sphere applied venom and Venom Staff did not.
  • Fixed the problem with the familiar wig and missing hair.
  • Added Butterfly Bottle recipes.
  • Fixed non-animating critter cages.
  • Due to layering issues, you can no longer show a shield and a cloak at the same time.
  • Gemspark blocks now properly glow when dropped as items in the world.
  • Fixed bug where hidden accessories still applied their dye color (wings still apply it if hidden but in the air).
  • You can only equip one pair of wings at a time.
  • Face accessories that shouldn’t show hair no longer show hair.
  • Fixed the Cthulhu typos in game.
  • Mech bosses no longer spawn randomly if another boss is alive. You can still summon multiple bosses manually.
  • Hardmode bosses will no longer spawn if no player is above ground.
  • Fixed an issue where placing a bucket on a mannequin would eat it whole
  • Fixed workaround delay for placing things on mannequin starts using your items.
  • The travelling merchant can no longer spawn in lava.
  • Fixed problems with rescued NPCs not having any names.
  • Fixed the recipe for Super Mana Potions. They now correctly create 15 Super Mana Potions.
  • Fixed the Stylist name “Esmeralda” to not have a space at the end.
  • Platinum coins now stack to 999.
  • Fixed an issue where tiles might not update properly in multiplayer.
  • Fixed torches being able to be placed on wrong sides of slopes (that leaves them in air).
  • Fixed the problem with altars/pots/chests spawning in bugged conditions.
  • Fixed a bug with ice bricks not blending with snow blocks.
  • Fixed the Fairy Bell buff from breaking quick buff.
  • Chests should no longer lose their names in multiplayer.
  • Fixed bug where players would fall into tiles when walking into a ceiling with a mount.
  • Fixed bug where Cogs could be overwritten by another item in the Steampunker’s shop.
  • Fixed bug where prefixes would be lost when you buy an item from the shop with right click.
  • Fixed bug where long hairs would draw the front part in the player’s feet when in reverse gravity.
  • Fixed bug where palladium pickaxe and drill would say they can mine adamantium and titanium when that’s no longer the case.
  • Arcane Rune Walls now count for housing.
  • Fixed bug that allowed mana hair to go pink when you armor that gives max mana.
  • Fixed bug where capes did not show properly when mounted.
  • Fixed issue where maps were not saving on some worlds.
  • Fixed bug where Blue Moon and Harpoon had invisible hit boxes near the player.
  • Fixed bug where frostburn wasn’t applied in pvp when using flower of frost.
  • Fixed bug that allowed levers to be placed and immediately broken.
  • Fixed bug where queen/king statues didn’t teleport stylist and traveling merchant respectively.
  • Fixed bug where painted tiles did not draw on the map properly.
  • Fixed bug where steampunk workbench was not craftable.
  • Fixed bug where you could have Fairy Bell and other light pets up simultaneously.
  • Fixed a few language issues pointed out on the forums.
  • Fixed a bug where Extendo Grip let you open chests that would instantly close again.

And Two Notes from the Developer:

  • “We just put out a hot fix to stop the Travelling Merchant from always spawning and to allow players to buy stuff when they have several stacks of platinum.”
  • “The team had a meeting last night and we have laid out the groundwork for 1.2.4: The long anticipated Lunar update. This will be our next big focus for the next few months.”


4. A “Free-to-Play” Package You Can “Buy”?!?!

Yup! Valve has released a feature-length movie, titled “Free to Play”, that chronicles the efforts of three professional Dota 2 gamers as they try to win the million-dollar prize at the 2011 International Championships. This documentary was completely produced by Valve.

The movie will be free to download when it releases this March 19th. You can also buy a Dota 2 “Free to Play Competitor Pack” (price coming soon) thru Steam or the Dota 2 Store, which will have three pro player item sets, a Free to Play courier, a special ward, and a custom HUD skin.

Here is a link to the PC Gamer article, with a movie trailer. And here is the link to the official movie website.


[N] Obey