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Tf2 Pumpkin Carving and L4D2 Boycotters – A Review of last week

Posted on: October 17th, 2009 by octo dhd

Hello and welcome, its time for a update on the posts from ~10 days ago, which I’ll pretend was only a week ago.

First off the TF2Newbs 2009 TF2 Pumpkin Carving Contest is underway, I havn’t checked if we have any submissions so far, but I’m pretty confident that we’ll have a better turn out than last year (See last years TF2 pumpkin entries). We have decided via poll to allow craft pumpkins, which is good news for those of you who hate pumpkin guts, or wish to save their pumpkin to display next year. For the rest of the Rules for 2009 TF2 Pumpkin Contest check out the link just before these words. The tl;dr basic idea is that you (using a tf2 theme) cut a pumpkin or other pumpkin like thing, take a picture, enter into contest, and get a chance to win L4D2.

As far as L4D2 boycotters go it looks like the boycott movement is sliding even more. Previously when we reported on this, the numbers were at a 2% hypocrite level. This has swelled to 3.8%! As always, be sure to check out the official L4D2 Boycott Lulz Webpage that psychonic has blessed the world with. I’d also like to remind everyone to mark down tomorrow (Oct 18th) on your calendar as Master Server Day. There will be much rejoicing and booze.

L4D2 Boycotters Don’t All Really Want To Boycott L4D2

Posted on: October 7th, 2009 by octo dhd

I was talking to my good internet friend psychonic today, and he was busy getting angry at the Steam Condenser PHP class / library. I helped (I think) resolve an issue or two and went on my merry way without giving much thought to what he was up to. Fast forward several hours and it all becomes clear.

It seems psychonic decided to grab a list of all the members of the L4D2 boycotters steam group which is currently the 22nd largest Steam Community Group, and then looked up each member to see if they had preordered L4D2. The results are a little surprising. It seems that more than a couple of these boycotters don’t understand that in order to effectively boycott they can’t buy the product they are boycotting, otherwise they are just posers riding the bandwagon.

For All the Details check out L4D2 Boycott Lulz. It has numbers and a picture of pacman. Oh, and it has some words to read too. Good times.