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Jib&Koans Contest Results!

Posted on: March 1st, 2009 by Bionic Dingo

The Jib&Koans Contest of Awesome feature the newly aquired Newb Points is complete.

The first place winner will recieve a TF2Newbs tshirt and a pick of one of Koans games second and third place also recieve a tshirt, as well as the top ranking admin.

This contest was a lot of fun, and it really changed the way the game was played. The purpose of this contest of course is to promote server #8 (which i’m sure you all see how badass it really is now..) and to promote team play which we’re all about.. and Gggly playing engy for an entire match unprompted shows me this contest was indeed a Huge Success!! Verry niice

Newb Points Final:
| 83314 | 3051 | you guys (Ggglygy) | First, Tshirt
| 82966 | 2882 | .S9 eekozoid {N} | Second, Tshirt/Grand Prize
| 85120 | 2473 | yaaawn {OSS} »AIDS« | Third, Tshirt
| 83370 | 2062 | {N} YOOOOOOOOOOU GUIZ |
| 83316 | 1847 | [N] NFreak | »AIDS« |
| 83447 | 1789 | i?» Li{N}k: 160/1000 TK’s — | Top Admin, Tshirt
| 83317 | 1697 | [N]{OSS} Andy <3 Ali | »AIDS« |
| 83161 | 1402 | {N}{OSS} Steven.S9 | »AIDS« |
| 91569 | 1163 | mikeyr22 |
| 82849 | 1063 | |N| Jib... ---[] |
| 82993 | 1033 | [N] Crouton Magillicutty |
| 86812 | 1021 | [N]Koben{OSS} |

Congrats to Ggglygy, Eekozoid, yaaawn, and Link for being badasses

So there you have it. Good thing the Ggglygy Contest Clause was in affect for this. Sec.4-Par.2 Clearly states that the grand winner of a previous contest cannot be the grand winner of a future contest.. Basically Gggly seems to find a way to win everytime. He doesn’t get the Grand Prize.. BUT, He still gets a tshirt, and he seems pretty pumped about that. Congrats to Eekozoid for winning the Grand Prize, he puts in a lot of work for #8 and his dedication showed during this contest. Glad to see the newcomer yaaawn finishing up in the ranks, he’s a well respected player on the server. And last but not least big ups to Link for taking the admin challenge, and coming out on top.

Big thanks to all of those who took part in this competition, and if you didn’t get your hands on some Newbs gear – don’t fret because this is the first of many of these to come.

This update by Jib, reminding you to stay classy San Diego