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Throwback. Screenies – RPOTD – What’s sizzlin

Posted on: January 24th, 2009 by The Jib

What it is friends? Jib comin at you live, with some hotness. Keepin it short but sweet today.. The title says it all. Couple little updates for you guys. Server #7 is now a Payload Rotation that is being maintained by Pam Beasley (Taraph) and SPIES!!!! Check it out, good times with good people. Server #8 [New York] is in need of some love and affection. Looking for individuals who want to step their game up, help start the servers and maintain them. Here’s your opportunity to gain some Newbs admin flags.

In other news, Octo’s machine is up and running.. He’s much more deadly with his newly aquired FPS and graphics settings.. So watch yoself.



Can’t get enough of them : )

Partay timee.

My offensive push



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  • Stats on #4/#5!
  • Throw back, but hey it’s vent
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    Post your hot deals to be displayed in a future blog


    TF2 Newbs. Your mom’s favorite server.

    I just Jibbed in my pants…

    Whats hOt? Screenshots, linkage. The pursuit of happiness.

    Posted on: August 20th, 2008 by Newbs Staff

    Leetagger knocked out by a falling rocket launcher

    Greys elite. valve approved -HEAVY ACHIEVEMENT TIME

    SANDVICH TIME. (btw anyone tell you heavy updates are out?)

    Public Service Announcement: Are you a FailMedic? Tired of healings noobs? Can’t take the feeling of a crit rocket to the face with a full ubercharge waiting? Read Jib’s blog.. It’ll keep you off that ledge



    Due to’s and’s coverage of dingo’s plush stickies tutorial, they have been added to our community link section!


    Whats Hot?

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  • Did I mention.. Heavy Updates?
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    The winner of the Best Mic Performance Honorz!


    It wouldn’t be a Jib Blog without a RANDOM PICTURE OF THE DAY

    clickity clack clickity clack. no really. don’t click it