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Terraria 1.3 Update is Here!

Posted on: June 30th, 2015 by Obey

Since Terraria is another game that Newbs members play–another half-silly, half-serious, casual-yet-deep war simulator–I’ve been posting Terraria updates in this blog as well as TF2 and Valve news.  Huzzah: Terraria’s first update in more than a year!

Below are MILD SPOILERS of what can be expected of this patch. Full patch notes will not be posted here; go to the Official Terraria Wiki for detailed patch notes.

Terraria gif

New Features to Be Found in Terraria 1.3:

  1. You can now create a world in “Expert Mode“, which does the following:
    • Tougher, smarter monsters with improved AI. Some monsters scale in difficulty as you complete events.
    • Enemies and pots drop more loot.
    • Boss health scales in multiplayer based on number of players.
    • Does NOT create the world in Hardmode.
  2. Lunar Events” are Hardmode, post-Plantera events that proceed after killing Cultists (see above) that spawn at the Dungeon entrance after Golem has been killed. These events will change several surface biomes to a temporary event version.
  3. Martian Madness” is a Hardmode, post-Golem event that creates waves of Martian enemies and a unique boss. Just look for the probes on the surface world….
  4. Changed the spawn order for NPCs. Some cosmetic-oriented NPCs (like the Painter) only show up after you have a minimum number of other NPCs housed.
  5. Chlorophyte can now revert the spread of corruption/crimson back to standard terrain, and turns dirt blocks into mud blocks.
  6. Solid blocks and trees now show damage after beginning to mine/destroy them.
  7. Over 800 new items to discover, including yo-yos, bouncy dynamite, and beach balls. Plenty of new stuff can be found by fishing in the Underground Hallow and the Underground Corruption/Crimson.

I’m not sure this is the full “Lunar Update” they promised over a year ago, nor do I think that this will be the final Terraria patch. I mean, you can’t go up into space and land on the moon, yet….

But apparently “Terraria: Otherworld” will soon be a thing! Think of a Terraria game where you enter a corrupted, ruined world and attempt to revert it back to a less corrupted state.

TO Screenshot

[N] Obey

TF2 Update: 9/15/14

Posted on: September 15th, 2014 by Obey

Hark! Yet another minor TF2 update, again adjusting the two beta maps!  But wait–there is some other stuff going on….

  1. Demomen can no longer detonate sticky bombs while taunting.
  2. Strange ranks are no longer displayed on the web.

Also, Terraria now has an updated official website, which has some spoilers for the upcoming Lunar Update!

TF2 Full Patch Notes

  • Fixed a client crash related to the robot destruction HUD
  • Fixed an exploit where players could circumvent successful kick votes
  • Demoman can no longer detonate sticky bombs while taunting
  • Strange Ranks are no longer displayed on the web (Trade, Steam backpack, Market) and only show ‘Strange’ as a prefix
  • Default value for convar sv_vote_issue_scramble_teams_cooldown has been increased to 20 minutes
  • Fixed sound clipping issue for the Demoman’s Spent Well Spirits taunt
  • Added Jarate lightwarp preset to the Steam Workshop importer
  • Updated the model/materials for the Neckwear Headwear to fix a lighting issue
  • Updated pl_cactuscanyon
    • Increased amount of time the middle gates remain open before and after a train passes in stage 2
    • Adjusted spawn times at end of stage 2
  • Updated rd_asteroid
    • Removed env_sun from the skybox
    • Optimized skybox performance
    • Lowered Scout/Sniper damage against robots
    • Fixed doubled-up health kits on the bridge
    • Added area portals to the base interiors to improve performance
    • Continued art-pass process
    • Fixed zebra-style art on static props on systems that used lower texture quality
  • Added experimental cpu_frequency_monitoring convar to detect thermal throttling. If you have TF2 performance problems on Windows, add “+cpu_frequency_monitoring 2” to the TF2 command line to see if CPU thermal throttling is an issue. If the displayed CPU frequency percentage drops below about 80-85% then you may have a problem with your CPU slowing down due to overheating. If it drops below 50-55% then you may have a serious problem. CPU overheating can be caused by overclocking, insufficient cooling, insufficient airflow, failing or dirty fans, or other causes. The CPU frequency results are displayed with cl_showfps or net_graph. For more detail see

[N] Obey