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Stats Contests for Week of June 13-19

Posted on: June 13th, 2016 by Obey

Server #04 has been rockin’ and plenty of keys and hats have been given away!


Here’s the Stats Contests for TF2Newbs’ 2Fort servers for this week:

  • “Fisting King”: most Heavy “Fists” kills
  • “Give It a Little Blow”: most Pyro extinguishes using the Flame Thrower
  • “Defender of the Flag”: most flag defenses (killing the enemy carrying your flag)

Click here to check the stats, and read the forum post for more info.


[N] Obey

Stats Contests for Week of June 6-12

Posted on: June 8th, 2016 by Obey

Don’t forget: There are three weekly stats contests each week, counting the stats from all TF2Newbs’ 2Fort servers. Winner gets a KEY for owning the highest spot for that stat each week. Contests change every week.

Bullet Buzz

Here’s the 2Fort Stat Contests running thru June 12th:

  • “Garden Graves Dug”: most Market Gardener kills
  • “Samurai Swipe”: most Half-Zatoichi kills
  • “The Short Circuit”: most Short Circuit (!!) kills

Click here to check the stats; note that these stats are measured over an entire week and not just one day. Ignore any admi{N}s as they aren’t eligible for prizes. Check back on Monday for next week’s stats contests too!

Read the forum post for more info.  Happy killing!


[N] Obey

“Server Wars” Charity Event: #4 vs #8

Posted on: June 20th, 2014 by Obey

Want to watch some Newbs Dustbowl regulars slug it out with some Newbs 2Fort regulars in a battle for server supremacy and to raise money for a good cause?  OF COURSE YOU DO!

Two hand-picked teams of twelve are preparing to duke it out, and you can watch the stream live here on July 19th at 9pm EST/6pm PST! Two rounds of both 2Fort and Dustbowl will be fought, and the side that caps soonest will win that match.


Child’s Play seeks to improve the lives of children in hospitals through the kindness of the video game industry!  D’awwwww. You can donate through PayPal.

Oh, and there will be prizes for spectators…!



[N] Obey

FYI: The Love & War–Day Two blogpost got 1702 hits in the last two days! Thanks for all your visits, and don’t forget to Bookmark us in your favorite browser!




2Fort vs Payload – Grudge Match

Posted on: June 11th, 2011 by The Jib

In a Crips vs Bloods-esque battle, 2Fort and Payload took to the streets to represent their home turf. A number that’s been floating around is Payloads undefeated 16-0 run versus 2Fort.. 2Fort had one thing in mind tonight, to show they were not to be taken lightly, and that the last 16 losses were merely flukes.

The match was a best of 3, encompassing each sides strengths to provide the most even playing field. The first map was 2Fort. 2Fort is a map where with two identical bases separated by a brid…. Oh wait you’ve played 2Fort before? Oh who knew.. Well you probably haven’t played 2Fort like the 2Fort squad has. 8 out of 10 2Fort players had more time logged on the map than they claimed on taxes this year.. And that fact was evident by taking home the W, their first in the grudge match history. For the sake of time, 2Fort was given the victory after the first capture – because we all know Payload turtles ; )

The second map played was Badwater, which is the equivalent to 2Fort in the Payload world. Both teams played offense and defense, but Payload emerged victorious at 2-0. 2Fort had an epic last stand on the last point on defense, however Payload pulled out some old school tricks for the win. 2Fort struggled on offense, as Payload gave up little ground.

Bringing the score to 1-1, the match was brought to a tiebreaker on Granary. A sudden death scenario, where the first team to win the round would earn the title of champion, and take home the $100,000 cash prize.. (wait what?) 2Fort did their best to hold the line, but Payloads teamwork was too strong. Winning the tiebreaker forever etched their name into Newbs history as champions, bringing the lifetime score to 18-1 in their favor.

Payloads voodoo was too strong for 2Fort.

We then took part in the customary ‘Pick the other teams classes’ round, just for giggles.

All talk was left on, much fun was had by all.. It’s always a good time to see people out of their comfort zone. Ggglygy held it down for the 2Fort team with some epic spy maneuvers, but sadly it wasn’t enough.. Payload was yet again victorious.

While Payload took home the match, 2Fort earned the respect of many with a win versus their strong opponent. It goes without saying that the Payload squad is the better team when it comes to capture point and payload maps, but no one.. And I mean no one, walks into 2Forts server and caps the intel.. And that’s something to hang your hat on 2Forters.

I’d like to give a big thanks to those who participated. It can be difficult to make video game plans and follow through, as previous skirmishes have shown. However I was very pleased to see a full 12v12 even into the tiebreaker. Big shout out to Crap and Anonymouse for organizing the event. Crap more-so on the admin side of things, and Anonymouse with setting a time and getting teams organized. Very nice work – the Newbs community thanks you for your efforts.

Until next time, stay classy San Diego.


Demos (Courtesy of Crap)

Sewer terminology

Posted on: February 6th, 2009 by Scott Eats Bullets

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to determine something. Something that’s bugged me for a while.

This relates to 2fort, as many things in our community do, and has to do with what we call things. No, this isn’t the next installment of “How to talk like a Newb” (though that is coming). I just want to collect some thoughts.

What do you guys call the different parts of the sewer?

I tend to refer to the “pipe” or the the “tunnel” for the long straight section, the “platform” for the area with the health and ammo (where the engies always build), and the “elbow” for the curvy part that leads out to the water.

However, I’ve found that these terms aren’t always understood clearly, so I’m curious if I’m using the wrong terminology or if I’m just crazy.

We’ve established clear definitions of every other part of the map, so the sewers should be as well.

Feel free to dicsuss it on the forum in this thread, or in the comments here.


- Scott Eats Bullets