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Blogage. screenshot edition.

Posted on: August 24th, 2008 by Newbs Staff




Lined up. bball style

Hyper Uppercut

merry xmaz

The ultimate crabspy




keep the screensh0ts coming.. the epicness continues

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5 Responses to “Blogage. screenshot edition.”

  1. Ggglygy Says:

    Is that the dude from Mythbusters?

  2. Aristotle Says:

    lol I was framed I swear. haha nice pic of me whoever took it.

  3. NFreak Says:

    Do you know how many of those screens were taken on the same day and/or were taken for the spy crab calendar? xD

  4. admin Says:

    : ) i like themes for the screenies

  5. Grey Devil Says:

    I was thinking the same as Ggg, looks like the guy from Mythbusters xD

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