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And we have some TF2 Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners!

Posted on: November 3rd, 2008 by Newbs Staff


So its November 3rd now, and after a little bit of fumbling around, I managed to get all the pictures of the pumpkin contest (also known as Jibs Contest Of Noiice) sent over to TheJib so he could judge.  As some of you may know we were offering up a single prize of a Steam Gift of Left 4 Dead to be awarded by Jib.  In order to qualify you had to submit a pumpkin, the more badass the better.  The REAL prize though was the never ending fame and glory of knowing that you participated, and that the world looked on in awe at how cool your tf2 pumpkin turned out. 

 And… The winners are:

1st prize: Left 4 Dead, 1 year reserved slot, trophy honorz – Crab Spy (in cross hairs)
`– NFreak

2nd prize: 15 steam bucks, 1 year reserved slot, trophy honorz – Painted Engy/Sentry Gun
`– Dingo (And her canadian bf)

Runner up: Honorz Icon, 1 year reserved slot:
Spy silouette *Nice work, you pulled this off well
`– Doomheit

Sticky bomb *Very original. Although not ‘carved’ you had to carve out the spikes to put them on there.
`– Koans (you can no longer say you never win anything)

Pyro face etched *quality. Very clean
`– Octo (hah, I managed to place!)

TF2 graffiti carving. *graffiti for the win. badass
`– Zepith

All who participated:
3 month reserved slot / honorz icon.

All in all, we had 21 entries, 20 were TF2 related (1 was portal related).

 Check out all the entries here:

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