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ME3 multiplayer classes: The Asari Adept w/ tips, ME3 ending bs and Flight Control Rocket

Posted on: March 23rd, 2012 by mrbuttons

So after a good delay of sitting on my, ass and slowly finishing the single player, I got around to making my Adept video which I had to redo due to technical blah blah who gives a frag. ;)

It’s not as exciting of a class compared to the Vanguard but if you like crown control thanks to Statis and Pull, and giving headshots like candy on Halloween, then this can be a class for you.

I also very briefly talk about some related topics like the single player ending, how promoting a multiplayer character can help your single player game and a new iOS game that’s taking micro-transactions to a different level. The links to those are below. Hope you find the vids useful or at least informative!


Latest news on Bioware talking about the ME3 ending:

ME3 Wiki with Promoting info:
Flight Control Rocket:

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