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ME3 multiplayer classes: The Asari Adept w/ tips, ME3 ending bs and Flight Control Rocket

Posted on: March 23rd, 2012 by mrbuttons

So after a good delay of sitting on my, ass and slowly finishing the single player, I got around to making my Adept video which I had to redo due to technical blah blah who gives a frag. ;)

It’s not as exciting of a class compared to the Vanguard but if you like crown control thanks to Statis and Pull, and giving headshots like candy on Halloween, then this can be a class for you.

I also very briefly talk about some related topics like the single player ending, how promoting a multiplayer character can help your single player game and a new iOS game that’s taking micro-transactions to a different level. The links to those are below. Hope you find the vids useful or at least informative!


Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Classes: The Human Vanguard with a fun glitch ending!

Posted on: March 12th, 2012 by mrbuttons

Hola Newbs and internets! Today I’m bringing you a part of my Mass Effect 3 multiplayer classes series that I’ve made so far. For those who have only played the single-player, you’re missing out, as you get to revisit some of your favorite locals but this time you get to duke it out with 3 of your friends or strangers in wave after wave of Cerberus troops, Geth soldiers or the Reapers. If you haven’t played either then now’s a good time to take a look at what else this epic trilogy has to offer for you in terms of entertainment.

So I’m trying to show off the Vanguard class with the Eviscerator shotgun which is a great combo for a close quarters combat class, and everything goes well until I must’ve mashed the buttons too much and the game decided I needed to glitch and float/skip around the map. I still could get hit but I could barely do anything let alone hit them. Ugh. But it was still fun. Hope you like it!