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TF2 Patch Update: 08/01/14

Posted on: August 1st, 2014 by Obey

With all the news that is news (not really), here’s what to expect:

  1. Headlines of the video game industry
  2. TF2 patched on June 30th, and I just got around to it.
    • Cactus Canyon just got a new stage!


1. Headlines

  1. PC Gamer reports that ESPN was so impressed with its ratings of its coverage of their Dota 2 International tournament that the sports network may be ready to start covering esports to a greater degree.  Why not? They did draw over 20 million viewers total for the event, according to Valve.
  2. The TF2 Blog has announced the Fourth Annual Saxxy Awards! September 24th is the submission deadline.
  3. There is an official CivRome mod for Civilization V!  But you need all of the DLC and expansions to run it.
  4. ArcadeSushi’s list of the Top 10 RPGs of all time.  Just because.


2. TF2 Changes

The Heavy’s Gloves of Running Urgently (and the Bread Bite reskin) had been changed back in the June 11th patch to cause the equipping Heavy to suffer mini-crits from all damage for 5 seconds after switching off of them, instead of the previous 3 seconds.  Apparently that was a bug, and now the mini-crit penalty is now back to 3 seconds after weapon switching.

The multi-stage beta map Cactus Canyon now has a third stage. And how about this: there is a train to dodge! Capping the point on the train tracks will cause the payload bomb to explode when hit by a train.  Both Cactus Canyon had some updates, as you can read below.


Full Patch Notes

  • Added a new startup music track from Expiration Date.
  • Fixed projectiles causing teleporter exits to detonate.
  • Fixed the Huntsman not firing after being charged in the air and landing on the ground while using cl_autoreload.
  • Fixed teammates blocking the removal of sappers when using the Homewrecker, Maul, and Neon Annihilator.
  • Fixed a bug with the Gloves of Running Urgently that increased the marked for death time to 5 seconds instead of 3.[1]
  • Fixed a bug related to orphaned marked for death particles.
  • Updated the target ID to be hidden while taunting.
  • Updated the Bolt Boy to have two styles like the Bonk Boy.
  • Updated the equip_regions for the Bonk Boy and the Bolt Boy.
  • Updated the materials for the Boo Balloon.
  • Updated pl_cactuscanyon.
    • Added stage 3.
    • Limited Red flanking route near cliff to Blu spawn in stage 1.
    • Added health and ammo inside underpass by Blu spawn in stage 1.
    • Adjusted spawn times in stage 2.
    • Adjusted health and ammo packs.
  • Updated rd_asteroid.
    • Mode changes
      • Updated HUD layout.
      • Fixed a bug that would prevent players from picking up the reactor core.
      • Teams will now spawn 70% faster if their C robots are dead.[2]
    • Map changes
      • Fixed unbalanced ammo kits in Blu base near the vault.
      • Added flashing light in the vault that will activate when a player is stealing points.
      • Added larger one way glass windows to spawn exit doors.
      • Added small ammo pack to top of the stairs at the cave exit.
      • Shortened length of pipes in vents that require players to crouch.
      • Increased track length for A robots. This is to provide more angles of attack.
      • Extended flat area near left spawn exit for Engineers to build teleporters.
      • Lowered the health for the A robots from 500 to 300.
      • Fixed a bug where the power supply would not disable the flashing alarms when it was captured.

Undocumented changes

  • Updated the backpack icon of the Boo Balloon.
  • Fixed another item clipping bug.
  • items_game.txt, the items database and misc data file, is now in a new VPK file called tf2_scripts.vpk.


[N] Obey

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Classes: The Human Vanguard with a fun glitch ending!

Posted on: March 12th, 2012 by mrbuttons

Hola Newbs and internets! Today I’m bringing you a part of my Mass Effect 3 multiplayer classes series that I’ve made so far. For those who have only played the single-player, you’re missing out, as you get to revisit some of your favorite locals but this time you get to duke it out with 3 of your friends or strangers in wave after wave of Cerberus troops, Geth soldiers or the Reapers. If you haven’t played either then now’s a good time to take a look at what else this epic trilogy has to offer for you in terms of entertainment.

So I’m trying to show off the Vanguard class with the Eviscerator shotgun which is a great combo for a close quarters combat class, and everything goes well until I must’ve mashed the buttons too much and the game decided I needed to glitch and float/skip around the map. I still could get hit but I could barely do anything let alone hit them. Ugh. But it was still fun. Hope you like it!


Grand Prix Story review -iPhone/Android game

Posted on: November 13th, 2011 by mrbuttons

Grand Prix Story, reviewed on the iOS

Kairosoft keeps throwing out the punches, least that’s how it seems like with their 5th released app on the iPhone (3rd for you Android users), and they’ll keep coming for more which is understandable considering that these apps are just older games they made on the PC back in the 90s over in Japan. The government should assemble a task force to find more of these hidden gems and have them translated.

The game starts you off with a basic tutorial, though I highly recommend reading the “How to Play” text in the Settings menu. Right off the bat some people will get turned away from playing when they realise that you can’t directly control the cars but don’t let that stop you from trying as you’ll be impressed at what you can do.

As a manager game your job is to make sure your team is skilled and ready to tackle the obstacles that are the races. There are three major criteria to master in this game in order to win.

The staffs are the first half of what makes a great racing team. You start off with a driver and one mechanic, and as you go along you’ll unlock the ability to hire more of them. You can have in total two drivers, though the second can only be hired after you conquer the first Grand Prix tournament. When selected you can train them to become better in various skills like pedal (top speed), shift (acceleration), steer (handling), appl (think charisma that boosts your sponsor bonus), tech (used in building/upgrading) and anlys (analyse which grants more tech points). Each driver has a skill cap so switching to a better driver later can be worthwhile if you want to spend the time and money, and you can only train them so much at a time before they tire out, which can affect driving performance. Lastly, drivers get colored auras from time to time; use them wisely as they give big bonuses when used in upgrading, building, training or racing. I recommend the first two mostly.

The mechanics are the unsung heroes in my book as they provide the background bonus to your driver in the terms of extra appeal, tech and analysis, and when you can have six mechanics per team later on, it really adds up. Tech is the main skill I look for as it is crucial to building better cars and getting better bonus’ on parts. Each mechanic can be leveled from 1 to 5 which require more tech points per level, and the better the mechanic, the more points you’ll need per battle. Keep an eye out for the good ones like Tom Edson and Boba Fatt (beware of punny names) as they’ll have the best level 5 stats. Though the real key to make the best racing team out there is to keep them busy, by researching, repairing, building, anything as a busy team keeps gaining stats and tech points, plus who wants to pay their staff by doing nothing? So time your race schedule, repairs and other plans accordingly.

Cars and parts are the nuts and bolts (*slow clap*) of your team. You’ll have four types of cars, all of which you can upgrade to unlock a better version of. The all-rounded Buggy, the speedy Dragster, the well-handled Wing car and the special types, like the Duck car, that give various special bonus which you only unlock later on in the game, but most are unlocked by pleasing sponsors and upgrading other cars and parts. Experiment with them all to find out what suits you best, but just make sure you got the tech points ready for it as the costs rise progressively. Also be mindful when building new cars or installing parts as the total amount of your team’s tech determines how well it goes, so the more the better, especially if you have the best of the best techs in one single team.

Learn these well and you’ll find that getting 1st place in every race will be easy, though I recommend you conquer the single races before heading off to the Grand Prix as those take time and are a lot more challenging in terms of opponents and leave little time in between races to repair and upgrade/make better cars. Though once you do become number one, you’ll move on to bigger and better challenges, as well as having the room for more staff and another driver.

And this is where the money comes in. Hiring another driver and more staff will start becoming more costly with their monthly wages for staff and annual contracts for the drivers. Winning races is a good way to get some but sponsors are the key. Along with them giving you money, if you get them enough advertisement they will give you various cars and parts to research, along with new skills to train your driver, though they get progressively tougher to please as you go along. It’s tough at first but well worth it as you’ll need to save plenty of cash if you want to build lots of A-list cars and plan to switch parts around in your cars.

Overall the game is easy to play with lots of depth, addicting qualities and replayability. Its quirky characters, bright colors and challenges keep you coming back for more in order to drain your phone’s battery to its last drop. I played it to death, had lots of fun unlocking new parts and types of cars and felt proud of my little digital team for doing so well, especially since I kept my starting driver from start to end and almost conquered every track. I highly recommend the game for those who’re looking to kill time, who enjoying building/management games or who’ve played other Kairosoft games such as Game Dev, Hot Springs and Mega Mall Story.